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Name change notification


Henceforth in all my future postings J will now be referred to as TTO (the tattooed one).

I have nothing else to say.

ETA - This is what it looks like - location, right shoulder.

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It's not too bad (I edited my post and added a picture of the style of tattoo he got), it's just that it would look better on someone else ... you know, someone else who isn't my kid.
Eep. Well, at least you no longer have to anticipate it...Is that about the size or ...?
Honestly I don't think it's so bad - not sure how his Dad will react though :-(. It was better than the one he originally showed me, and as I said to him, your money, your body, your decision.

It starts at th top of his shoulder, and goes down about half way - most t-shirt sleeves cover it.
At least he went for the shoulder rather than the wrist. Way easier to cover up when he wants to.
And since it's winter over there, that means it should be covered up most of the time, at least for the next few months.
He has to keep it out of the sun for the next couple of weeks anyway, BUT ... I said something to TTO about wearing 'muscle' shirts, and his reply was he didn't get it to show off to people. I asked him why did he get it - his reply was "Why do you like Buffy". I said it was hard to put that in a short response. He replied "exactly - it's hard to describe emotions, why you like something". We then had a brief philosophical debate - I love him dearly, but sometimes I wonder about the 'monster' that we created ;-)!!!
I know I'm not his mother, but I think it's vaguely comforting that he's done this for himself because it's something that appeals to him on an emotional level, rather than to 'make a statement'. One's about peer pressure and exhibitionism. The other is about being happy within himself. Of the two options I think his reasoning is far less likely to lead to regrets later on in life.

And you have to be pretty proud of any eighteen year old who can and will have a philosophical debate with his mother.
will have a philosophical debate with his mother

When Jake was about 11 or 12 we were having a discussion about good/bad parents. I asked him whether he thought we were good parents - his reply was "some parents give their kids a room with four walls and a roof but no door, you give me a room with four walls, a roof, and a door, and you let me decide whether I want to open the door or not" - philosophical debates have always been a part of our lives.
Sounds to me like TTO is a pretty damn special kid and also that it's largely due to having a couple of exceptional parents.
a couple of exceptional parents

Not too sure about that, we've made some almighty blunders, but overall, I'm fairly proud of my boy - he's annoying, and lazy, and untidy, and surly, and all the other things that teenage boys are, but he's also his own person, with his own ideals and thoughts, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that.
I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

Take it from someone who moved out of the family home at seventeen and never went back (other than for visits) and whose mother still buys gifts for the daughter she wanted me to be rather than the person I am, if you and TTO talk as much as it seems like you do and understand each other the way it comes across in your LJ, you pretty much got things right.
you pretty much got things right

Thank you for that - I know that I try so hard not to be my mother, and my husband says that I over-compensate for my own childhood through TTO (well it's pretty hard not to over-compensate when your mother is a certified schizophrenic whose spent time in the loony bin undergoing electric shock therapy), but I hope through all my own screw-ups I've been able to be a better Mum with a little more give and take than my own mother, and a lot of others - shit, the mistakes I've made, I had to learn something (off to bed now, 12:00pm Thurs, talk tomorrow).
Okay, and I'll see if I can manage to add enough to the bit of writing I've got done yesterday and this morning to get away with calling it a chapter.
Quick reply - just steeling myself to watch a 9 minute interview on Aussie TV with JM and ASH (in Australia for a convention on the weekend) - I recorded it so I can fast forward if necessary!


::Nods head vigorously:: Bloody kids, why do they have to grow up?