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Rain, Dr Who, Buffy

Still cold and wet, but certainly not miserable. It's been wonderful to see real rain over the last two days.  Can only hope that this is the start of the end of the drought.

Dr Who - it was the Dalek episode last night, a Dalek with an existential crisis, and The Doctor with a touch of Dalek tendencies - absolutely delicious.  This series continues to get better and better.  The episode reminded me of Hugh, of the Borg, in Star Trek: The Next Generation - the one who didn't want to be part of the collective, who felt he was an individual - ahh, when fandoms collide indeed.  I sometimes wonder if I watch too much sci-fi, that I can randomly compare episodes of one series with episodes from something else.

Watched some S4 Buffy on this wet Sunday afternoon.  The humour was what I missed most in the last couple of seasons, and Oz - wonderful deadpan Oz. Oh, and that bed crawl - still gets me, even after all these years.  Back to Buffy.

ETA - I'm still not saying anything about the cricket, but I so could ...

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I've been trying to remember... which episode has the bed crawl, anyway? Is it "Harsh Light of Day"? I guess it would have to be, since after that he's got the chip and was never quite so self-assured, at least not in Season 4.
Now how did you know I meant that bed crawl ;-). Yep, that's the one "Harsh Light of Day", where he and Buffy have that great fight:

Spike : Birds singing, squirrels making lots of rotten little squirrels. Sun beaming down in a nice, non-fatal way. It's very exciting, I can't wait to see if I freckle. Oh, do it again. It tickles. You know, in a good way. The Gem of Amara, official sponsor, of my killing you.

I was thinking of watching the follow on Angel episode, much as I love the big lughead, I do enjoy watching Spike (or his vampire lackey) torture Angel.

Mmmm, the bed crawl. Hee.

I've been hearing so many good things about the new Dr Who season, but I've never watched Dr Who before. Think I'll be able to catch on if I start from this season?
Everybody knows the bed crawl!!

Re Dr Who - it's very hard for me to judge, I've watched it since ... forever, probably from when I was 5 or 6 (my brothers are 10 & 13 years older than me, so I was 'forced' to watch a lot of stuff), so that's going back 40 years (EEK!). However, I would assume that the writers/producers etc would realise they would need to make the show accessible to a 'new' audience as well as the old, so I'm going to go with a big YES. There will probably be back stories that you don't get, but I think the show is doing the exposition as it goes along. My advice is to give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it.
Oh, what's been happening in the cricket? I've been too tied up in Jane Eyre and work to notice. Have your lot staged a comeback or some dreary thing like that?! Tell, tell.
The 2nd game against Bangladesh - Bangladesh all out for 139, Aust 140 without loss of wicket, and we beat the Poms last Thurs - bet they're not crowing now. Of course the wins have been overshadowed by the news that dickhead Shane Warne and his wife have finally split - don't know why she didn't throw the lying, 'texting' bastard out on his ear years ago.
Warnie really is a dickhead, isn't he.

That's the trouble with your cricket team -- the bastards know how to pick themselves up. That Ashes rivalry is pretty intense -- I can hear it in your undertone! Or your undertoad.
Shane Warne (n) Warne dickeheadus giganticus. A little known subspecies of the Australian Ocker, known for its indiscriminate mating rituals and random texting ability. (v) To do a warnie, text sexual innuendoes to girls who aren't your wife.

There is something about beating the Poms that is quintessentially satisfying from an Aussie viewpoint - my undertoad was fairly overtoad.