I'm bored, therefore I spam

I've been searching eBay for Wedgewood stuff for my sister-in-law, who has suggested we use Skype to communicate - apparently Skype is a freeware programme that you can use to talk to other Skype users when you're on the 'net, and it's like making free phonecalls to anybody, anywhere you want.  Sounds too good to be true, and it's probably been around forever, but I'm going to get a headpiece/microphone tomorrow and give it a try, if only to talk to Di about how eBay works - she really has no idea!

The boy is still tattoo-free.

It's bloody cold here, but it's still raining, so that's at least good.

I desperately need some sort of project to keep me occupied before uni starts again on July 18 - very, very bored.

Better go do some prep for tea.  On the menu tonight is:

  • Steak Dianne, rump steak cooked in a lovely brandy sauce with parsley and onion.
  • Field mushrooms, baked with ham and cheese
  • Stuffed potatoes, sour cream, chives and topped with melted cheese
  • Fresh beans, lightly steamed.

Served with a lovely chilled white wine - even if it is cask wine, 4 litres for $10, that's good enough for me!

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It is cold isn't it!!! I get laughed at by certain of mu international friends when I say it is cold... but I am freezing and we have a lovely fire going in the lounge room... so WHY am I sitting in the cold foyer with the slate floor and NO heat???
Oh... that's right...cause that's where the puter is!

Hmmm bored, hey? Only suggestion I can come up with is to use all your free time to catch up on reading.

Here's hoping your son remains Tat-free for you... **fingers crossed**
Sadly since I started my BA my love of reading has retreated - I spend so much time 'critically reading' novels etc for uni, that I tend to avoid reading for pleasure - it's very sad, but tonight something twigged, and I've decided I might watch Star Trek: The Next Generation from the beginning, so that should fill in a few weeks ;-).

Now back to Bruce and Die Hard!
Holy crap! I'm coming to your place for tea one night! ;-)

Uh, can I come to your house for dinner???? LOL.

You're cold and now we're hot - the world is a funny place - especially for you upside-down people :-)
Hard to believe that people are experiencing heatwaves, while we're freezing our butts off.

Tea was very enjoyable - it'll be back to something exciting with mince tonight ;-)!!
No more posting menus without transporter machines. That's the computer attachment you're getting, right?

*is oblivious*
Would you like to know what we're having tonight?

Microphone is installed, now I just need to find out my s-i-l's Skype user name, so I can try out the free telephony service!