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Bloody kids ...

J's gone to get a tattoo (or he could be winding me up), but no, I think he's actually going to do it, and there's not a damn thing I can do about because he's 18 and an adult.  Grrr Argh ... Oh well, let's hope it's a small one.  Bloody kids.

Winter has arrived with a vengeance - cold, wet and miserable, but the rain is nice.  We just need about 3 months of it though.

Feeling strangely unsettled today.  Have decided that I will have to be a perpetual student because I would go stark crazy if I didn't have studying to fill my days.  Today is the sort of day that I miss working, but I've come to accept the fact that I'm pretty washed up on the job market front - too old, too fat, too whatever.  Oh well, will go wait the tattooed one's arrival back home.

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I'll say what i told MY mom when she burst into tears after i told her i got a tattoo: If the worst thing i do in my life as your child is get a tattoo, i am a very good kid :P

Not that you burst into tears like her, but still :)

And *tight hugs* for everything else.
Thanks for that Ali. I'm not intrinsically against tattoos - quite like a lot that I have seen. I just hope he starts off small, in an obscure place. I think the thing that's hitting home the hardest is that he's 18, legally an adult, and I have no say over what he does - not that I want to control him or anything, he's been his own person for a long time, but I guess I feel my baby is gone is some way - stupid way to feel, but there you go. Just must be a blue day I guess. I've faced a lot of things with J, a tattoo really won't be the worst, so no tears for me ;-)
It's not stupid. Really. I don't have a child, i cannot even say, but i did understand my mom's feelings on the subject. And i respected them. I didn't think tears were needed, but... That's how she is. And i think your son is lucky for the attitude you have about things. And that he told you about it before even doing so. That's actually quite big, at least from my perspective. It's just also nice to see it's not to be rebellious to your ways, but just something he wants. As it was w/ me as well, no matter how old i get, there's a certain respect i have for my parents that even if i make my own decisions, their opinion of me sitll matters.

I do too hope he starts small in an obscure place. I made apact with myself that any amount of tats i get, they have to be able to be hidden with clothes. Even ankles are a no-no. I just don't want to show it off in a job interview.

And i understand the blue days and again, more hugs.
that he told you about it before even doing so

That's what keeps me thinking I'm not doing such a bad job as a parent. He does talk to me about a lot of things, and is prepared to listen to my opinion, so that's something. He and his dad clash on a lot of subjects, but that's because they're two peas in a pod, I don't have to worry about J being swapped at the hospital!

From what I've read in your LJ, I think you're a pretty good daughter and I think your parents should be very proud of you, but even parents can expect too much from you sometimes without realising it, and you deserve to get fed up with them in those circumstances.

Hugs are always appreciated - thank you very much.
On the plus side, at least he is going somewhere to get it done professionally. Our friend's son is covered in the really nasty DIY ones. Anything that a studio would do would have to be an improvement. Hopefully, if it's a good studio they'll make him think carefully about what he wants before they do it.
There's been a reprieve - he's just got home, the studio was too busy, so he's made an appointment for next Tuesday. As you say, at least he's getting it done by a professional and he wants a small one on his shoulder or wrist - could be worse I guess.
Maybe you can convince him to go for the shoulder. Like Sweet Ali has said times like job interviews (especially as you get older - and J's not really old enough yet to know exactly what sort of area he'll end up working in) you don't really want to have tattoos showing.

Of course, it's a gamble as to whether trying to talk a teenager into one option will make him go the other way.
The job thing has always been my argument. I remember in one of my uni clases a young bloke had tattoos all over his lower legs, and his forearms - now they were very impressive tattoos - one represented the stages of man, but ... not easy to hide. However as you say, with teenagers, suggest one thing, they do the exact opposite. Oh well, wouldn't be my life if there wasn't something to worry about. How's things with you - been meaning to comment on A&D but think I need to go back a few chapters and re-read.
Things aren't going too bad at the moment. I had a sudden burst of productivity on Sunday/Monday that I didn't understand until I realised I'd forgotten to take my pills on Sunday evening. I think getting something written for the first time in ages has kind of given me some impetus to keep going though as I've got nearly 1900 words done for the next chapter as well. Now, if I can just stay awake and work out how I want to finish it off...
Oh good, new chapter coming! Will have to get up-to-date now. Must admit I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment - finished uni work a couple of weeks ago, no exams, and the new semester doesn't start until July 18. I need some sort of project, just not sure what.
BTW I'm assuming you already knew that there was a chapter posted about this time yesterday (even though for some reason the mailing list thing seems to have got lost...)
I briefly saw it some time today - J has had assignments for school due so my computer time has been limited - trying to get up to date at the moment, while I wait for pay to go into our account, and then I get to go out in the freezing, wet weather to do a grocery shop before we all starve - oh what fun awaits.
Yuck... My brain just doesn't wrap it's head round the summer/winter thing the way it deals with time zones. It can cope quite easily with the idea that there's about 12 hours difference, give or take but when I'm lying here contemplating a tepid bath and trying to work out what I can wear for maximum coolness the idea that you're in the middle of winter just doesn't compute.
I've been reading about the heat waves in the northern hemisphere via LJ, totally understand the does not compute - here I've had the heater on all day (first time this winter), plus two layers of clothing, and socks. The rain is very needed though, 3 or 4 years of drought is really taking its toll. Oh damn, pay's in - better go do the bloody shopping.
Should have known that staying awake four days in a row was too much to hope for... So much for the writing thing.

That sounds wrong, what I mean is that I didn't manage to stay awake through the day today for the first time since Sunday.
Four days, you were awake for four days? I wouldn't last one. Hopefully it was a good sleep when you finally got it.

Oh, and by the way, the last chapter - you're a cruel, cruel woman.
Nah! I wasn't up for 4 days. My meds make me drowsy and for quite a while I'd be dozing in and out for about 16 hours a day, and often awake for the 8 hours you'd think I should be asleep, but still too tired to do much. So when I say I was awake for 4 days I actually mean I had 4 daytimes where I wasn't napping, or rather I managed 3 daytimes and then had a four and a half hour snooze today, despite trying not to.

When you say "last" chapter was that 5.15 or 5.16?
Oh, so you're sleeping on vampire time?

5:16 - that'd be the chapter. You've done it to your readers before, but that doesn't stop me worrying ...
Oh, so you're sleeping on vampire time?
Sometimes. It hasn't been so bad this week, hence the actual writing.

5:16 - that'd be the chapter. You've done it to your readers before, but that doesn't stop me worrying ...
They're both in one piece. Isn't that enough?
They're both in one piece. Isn't that enough?

Well, that's one way of looking at it, if you're an evil writer, that is.
I know what you mean about the tattoo. Small and subtle ones on other people, okay. On your baby, well that's another thing. When SG suggested pierced ears the other day, a world of no hardly touched the surface of my no. 'Course she still has to listen to me...

There is nothing wrong with being a perpetual student! On the other hand, if you are on the job market, do you know what supports are available (from the campus or the local woman's centre or centrelink or organizations for people with disabilities - and arthritis qualifies, by the way - etc)? It is a very hard thing, putting yourself out on the market and risking rejection. I remember it all too well. And the cv world has changed so much in the past few years: resumes look entirely different. I think you would be a boon to any organization that cared to hire you, kiddo.
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
We've done the pierced ears, shaven head, long hair, coloured hair but now he really doesn't have to listen to me - adult children suck. Oh well, it could be worse ... I'm just not sure how.

When my last job finished, I went through about 12 months of interviews, knockbacks etc - my self-esteem doesn't need that again. I'm happy to accept the fact that I'm a has-been.

Tonight's episode of "Lost" rocks - one of our favourite of favourite episodes, apart from the hideous accent from the lady from Kalgoorlie.
Re: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
Man, I can't believe it! I just wrote the exact same thing on my lj, then checked friends and there you are with your Lost review! That ep utterly rawked! I love your icon! And the American actress doing Aussie sucked! Why can't they listen to Cate or Russell or Nicole doing an interview first? What's up with that?
I can understand the allure of a tattoo. I really like the idea of them, EXCEPT...once on, you can't get rid of it, and I hate things you can't change your mind about later down the track. I had my nose pierced when I was 25....it didn't last through winter, but I liked it and was glad I could take it out when I was sick of it. Kids don't think ahead though. Tell him the cost of laser surgery to get rid of it when it isn't trendy anymore, or he decides he hates the design.
His father tried all those arguments last night, and of course, J being J, the more you argue with him, the more determined he becomes. My tactics usually involve ignoring it, and sometimes it just goes away - like the dreads he wanted a few months ago. Once again it comes down to the fact that now he is 18 we can only advise, not enforce. Thank heavens I've got fanfic to take my mind off things. Enjoyed the epilogue by the way.