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Late, lamented tv shows, and other odds and sods

Caught up with some TV viewing today - but I can feel virtuous about it because I also caught up with some ironing at the same time.

Tru Calling - the last ever episode (the one that didn't air in the States).  Well, I could have really gotten into S2 of this show, especially after reading the proposed arc, as laid out by one of the writers at her LJ - good/evil, two opposng forces, what happens when someone intervenes when they shouldn't - all good stuff.  What a shame it was cancelled.  I think my new super-sekrit krush is Jason Priestley - Jack was so wonderfully ambiguous.  ::shakes fist at US TV big wigs::

Wonderfalls - my next new super sekrit krush is Tim Minear.  I think I kinda love this show, even after only a couple of episodes.  Wonderfully quirky in a Picket Fences / Northern Exposure sort of way.  ::continues to shake fist at US TV big wigs::

The Inside - watched the first 2 episodes.  Sort of the same old, same old Profiler / Millenium show, but it does have Adam Baldwin (just not enough), and it's more watchable than a lot of the crap on TV, so I guess I'll keep d/l eps.  I think Adam is my super-sekrit boyfriend - I'll just keep crushing on Tim and Jason.

The week continues on a high note, no hysterical phonecalls from mothers, no requests to meet deputy principals, no traumas or crises of any description.  J even brought home a Merit Certificate for "improved performance in half-yearly exams".  I'm now waiting for the other shoe to drop ... I can feel it hovering in the air ...

A heads up (or a warning) for Aussie TV viewers - James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head will appear on Rove Live next Tuesday (28 June). Hopefully Tony can keep James away from the Red Bull ...

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James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head will appear on Rove Live next Tuesday (28 June). Hopefully Tony can keep James away from the Red Bull ...

"Oh, crap" is actually my first reaction, hee! Last time left me rather traumatised, to tell you the truth. At least it's with ASH, and I know I just won't be able to not watch it. ::hopes Tony keeps JM away from the Red Bull too::

I'm glad you're enjoying Wonderfalls! I never got the chance to watch Tru Calling apart from the pilot, but that arc does sound interesting!
Last year's Rove - very cringeworthy. I'll probably tape it, and then watch through fingers*over*eyes. I've never seen ASH in interview (apart from Buffy dvds), so that will be interesting.

Yes, I am enjoying Wonderfalls - I'm actually looking forward to more ironing tomorrow!!!
I'll be VERY interested to hear about the Rove interview. Just wondering how far behind Rove is here...

Jason Priestley :: hides secret addiction to BH 90210, well early seasons of it anyway :: -- the kind of actor who improves with a bit of age and grit...
::Joins you in secret 90210 addiction:: halcyon days! These days I have a secret "The OC" addiction, J tells me I lose credibility points every time he catches me watching it :-).

Don't usually watch Rove myself - tend to think he's an annoying little gnome - so don't know who was on this week. Oh I just remembered, think it was Lindsay Lohan(?) - something about a new Herbie the Lovebug movie. I'll watch it next week (or tape it) of course, if only to see ASH.