Oh dear ...

my friends are getting old (went to another 50th birthday party of the weekend).  I refuse to accept the fact that I'm closer to 50 than 40 these days, in fact sometimes I get quite startled when I have to work out my age - still feel like I'm only 35 sometimes!!

I also refuse to acknowledge or respond to any crowing over a certain cricket team's current losing streak.  My lips are sealed (and fingers tied).

Nothing terribly exciting happening in my life at the moment - and that's a good thing.  Looking forward to an angst free week, with no mother-in-law/mother/son dramas.  Off to watch me some Wonderfalls, thanks to the generosity of skylee.

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I am friending you, Deb - a fellow Aussie and Buffy fan is always a great addition to my flist!

(I replied to you, except I don't think I actually replied to YOU, at sweet_ali's latest entry. You nearly made me spleurgh all over the place! :-D)

Feel free to friend me, too! :-D

Welcome - always happy to have new friends, especially a fellow Aussie Buffy fan! Will friend also.

Whoa, just re-checked my comment to sweet_ali - it turned out way dirtier than I intended, even made me spleurgh ;).

I think I'm a lot dirtier than I mean to mind just GOES there! ;-)

I also refuse to acknowledge or respond to any crowing over a certain cricket team's current losing streak

Not going to crow - I just think you're lulling everyone into a false sense of security.
a false sense of security

Or an overwhelming state of complacency - a few losses are probably just what they need.
Here's your reply spam!

Reunions - whoa, that was one expensive reunion. Our meals were only 12 bucks each (Aussie money), and the drinks were at club prices (cheaper than pubs so a schooner of beer (285mls) was $2.50. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the event - my advice to you would be go for the 20th, if it works into your schedule.

Re JM - oh dear, I don't have enough words to express my opinion on his musical 'ability'. I would say stick to your day job, but he hasn't even got that at the moment - his site may say watch for future acting developments, but we've been hearing that for quite a while. At least I will always have Spike, even if JM is becoming lost to me ...

J is so like is dad in so many ways, it's nice to hear someone comment that he has something of me!!!