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Favourite songs meme tagged by talesofspike

Six current favourite songs (explanations not required).

1. Peaches and Creamby John Butler Trio. It’s one of those songs that you’re not sure about when you first hear it, but grows on you the more and more you listen, plus John Butler himself is a bit of a tree-hugging hippy spunk. John Butler

2. Black Betty by Spiderbait. Rarely is a cover version better than the original, but Spiderbait do it very successfully with this song. Great in the car with the volume cranked up, Cram hitting his drums and singing sweetly. Cram

3. God is in the House by Nick Cave. Just because ...

4. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan. Being a recent Sarah convert, this was a little hard to choose my current favourite, but this will do.

5. Possession by Sarah McLachlan. OK, I couldn’t choose just one favourite Sarah song.

6. Pink Houses by John Mellencamp. Long time favourite.


Where were you and what were you doing? What was your state of mind? What song from that era was rocking your boat?

We had been back in Wollongong for 5 years by this time. I was working full-time as a clerical officer, dispensing general OHS & Workers’ Comp advice over the counter and on the phone, and attending to general mundane office duties. I think I was pretty happy at this time. Probably listening to Walk this World by Heather Nova. I was 36.


Just married. Living in the Blue Mountains, commuting to Sydney to work at the Australian Taxation Office, and joining the wonderful tradition of owning our home – of course this dream didn’t last long as interest rates sky-rocketed to 17% and beyond. We soon bailed and tried the country life – this experience too didn’t last long. I seem to remember mostly being tired from the long commuting days. Probably listening to something by Dire Straits. I was 26.


Year 10 at The Henry Lawson High School, studying for my School Certificate, doing English, Maths, Science, Geography, Commerce and Agriculture. Probably spent a lot of time worrying about the bitches in class and silently drooling over some boy. David Bowie would have definitely been on my play list. I was 16. My class of 1975


Kindergarten at Bogolong Public School. Why are some of our older memories, the most vivid? Bogolong was one of a number of small schools around New South Wales - set outside of towns so that country kids didn't have to travel long distances to school (my mother used to travel to school by horse and sulky, so I guess it goes back to pre-car days). The schools gradually closed as transport improved and student numbers dropped. My school closed the year I went to high school because the numbers fell below 11. It was a one teacher school, and there were mostly only two or three students in each grade. Unfortunately, I have to say I was related to most of them ;-). My grandfather divided his holdings between my mother and five of her six brothers. My uncle Eric and his family lived in the property next to us on the east side, and my uncles Les and Stan owned the properties on the west side. Down the road a few miles lived my uncles Bill and Frank. All of my cousins went to Bogolong, although at the time the photo below was taken it was only myself and two of my cousins - we were all the youngest in the family.

I do remember that being in the same classroom as everyone you tended to learn by osmosis - by the time you got to the next grade you had inadvertently soaked up some of that level of knowledge, so it was an enjoyable learning experience. I used to help with reading comprehension for the lower grades when I was in years 5 and 6 (I was an avid reader, and was several levels 'above average'). The teacher for the last few years was wonderful - he used to bring in his own TV for us to watch 'educational' programmes, and his huge reel-to-reel tape recorder for us to listen to music. One of my most vivid memories is getting ready to watch the moon landing, and his TV not working, so a few phone calls later, and a number of parents turn up with their cars, and off we went to the nearest parents’ house to watch - Mrs Parker served us all fish-paste sandwiches and cordial while we watched the landing - it turned into a real adventure for us, and I'm sure we didn't calm down for the rest of the day.

I expect my mindset was fairly positive, and I would have been listening to songs from the ABC Songbook for Schools, which probably included La Cucaracha(?) and the Little Drummer Boy. I was 6. Bogolong Public School circa 1969

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I didn't realise you'd lived in the Blue Mountains. It is very beautiful (I went on holiday there for a few days in the 1980s) but it would be a bloody exhausting commute.
Yeah? Hellhole because of the people, or the conditions or the commute?

I remember going and staying a couple of nights in a caravan park in Katoomba and it snowed! Went down the steep railway ride, and walked up a cliff path at the Three Sisters, and nearly freaked from vertigo!
Tourist spots are a pain to live in - everything is more expensive to cater for the tourist trade, even our local Coles/K-Mart had some of the highest prices in NSW - in fact sometimes we travelled to Lithgow to shop because it was so much cheaper. Weekends, holidays etc were hellish - no parking, took twice as long to get served, and coming back from a weekend away we always had to battle the traffic, so the last little bit that usually tok about 20 mins ended up taking an hour. The snow was great, but not worth the ongoing hassle.
I agree, the Blue Mountain to the ATO (I assume that's in the city somewhere?) would be a very long trip! Blue Mountain is very pretty though, also very cold, for me!

And I can't see the class photo?

It was close to a 2 hour commute - made for a long day, and sometimes we had to do overtime, which meant an even longer day!

Looks like (my photo hosting site is down), so no pictures.
1. I love Possession by Sarah McLachlan. 'Twould be one of my top songs as well.

2. I also love seeing the old school photos. Those knee high white socks! I can almost understand those Japanese guys' obsession :^). There's also that 'had I but known' feeling when looking at old school photos.

3. Funny how doing 10 year intervals results in a random bag of 'wow, that was a bad time' and 'wow that was a good time'. There's a life lesson there, but I'm not sure I care to know it.

4. Whaddya do for childcare when J was 8? Just curious.
1. Sarah and k.d. - rotating (or whatever cds do) frequently on our player.

2. Prepare for MORE pic spam - once I've scanned them, and then resized, and uploaded, and gone to the library to take back books before I get a huge fine, and start cooking the meat for the meat pie, and then gotten back to the computer.

3. Random moments in time - sums up my life!

4. He went to OOSH (out of school hours) care at his primary school until he was about 10 or 11, then he refused to go - so we let him home, with certain conditions - phoning me at work as soon as he was home, letting me know if he was going to a friend's place etc etc.