The pleasure of Cooper's Red Sparkling Ale ...

one of which I'm enjoying now.  Here's to me and another semester done, another subject finished - WOO HOO!!!  ::Does the dance of only 2 subjects left:: - this dance is a cross between Numfar's Dance of Joy and the Snoopy Dance, all in all, not a pleasant sight to behold, especially as performed by me.

Life can return to some semblance of normality for a while, might actually find the floor to vacuum under piles of unwashed clothes - seems to have been a hectic few days.  Now I might get a chance to catch up on my flist and actually post some comments. I hope to get back to writing my essay on The Men of Buffy as well, (OK, kassto  and caraway_ ) which is far more exciting to research than 19th Century Literary representations of Indigenous Australians as a 'dying race'.

It's starting to get quite cool in the evenings, better go light the fire.  I think tonight's menu will consist of home made pumpkin soup, followed by pita bread with spicy filling.

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Yay for finishing the semester! *looks at pile of work and stresses*

And it's freezing these past few days! So cold! I guess it's probably cooler for you than Sydney too.
Not having any exams means my break is extra long - YAY!

When do you start your new job, or have you already?
Yay! End of semester!
Yay! Writing what you want! (I think a Canadian named Kay Anderson wrote something on your topic, did you read her?)
Yay! Dinner!
And with no exams, I have nothing uni related until July 18, a nice little break.

I googled Kay Anderson (sounds remotely porny, or maybe that's just because I read too much smut and I've got a gutter-mind) - is she now at Uni of West Syd, haven't read any of her stuff, I was mostly reading various works on the 'Other', and colonial theories by theorists such as Homi Babha, Delueze & Guattari, and Edward Said. Love, love the research, hate, hate the essay writing.