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We survived the party ...

J had a good time at the BBQ with his mates.  Unfortunately he is now suffering his first adult hangover, having been taken out to a club later in the day for his first official legal drink by his mates, and having many drinks bought for him by said mates.  Ah well, BM and I did try to warn him ... but the rituals of the tribe won out over our advice.

Back to the essay.

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There were 8 in total at the BBQ - he met up with some others at the club. Boy, is he suffering, and I'm desperately attempting NOT to say "I told you so". Guess it will be another of those lessons learnt the hard way.
He's not going to run off and join the army now, is he?
He left the Scouts because he couldn't stand being told what to do - can't see him joining the Army and suffering the same thing, UNLESS he's the one giving the orders ;).