The Ultimate Hardcore Buffy Test

Why am I not more surprised ...

Hot Damn!!!
Dear good god, you got 60

CHEATER!!! Ok, if you scored this high, you cheated. Hehe, just kidding. Obviously, I have no idea if you cheated. But if you did, shame on you. And if you didn't, I stand in complete awe. I'm not even that good.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Buffy
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The Ultimate Hardcore Buffy Test
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And a Snoopy dance right back 'atcha! Although I'm not sure what a score of 60 says about both of us ;) !!!!!!

My not-a-baby says thank you.
Holy guacamole! I got 58, and guessed on almost everything
GO YOU - I will admit to guessing quite a few - but they were good guesses ;). I'm currently plagiarising myself from an essay I wrote a few years ago - just remembered that I've already written about race and Social Darwinism - why do something again? It's getting harder and harder and harder to get enthused about writing another bloody essay!

I take it you currently have some free time?
I only got 52. That test was hard! I did a lot of guessing! Am I right in thinking that those three quotes of Willow's from Welcome to the Hellmouth were the first three lines of hers, in order?

Someone on my friends list got in the 90s!

And that damn quiz crashed my computer three times.
I got 72 the second time! I'm sure if I took the time and looked up the scripts and the internet database I would get higher, but ...

Yep, those were the first three lines from Willow, in order.