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I'm back, yes I know it was a short sojourn ...

For those paralysed with not caring very much, my mother-in-law angst is ended (for the moment, anyway).  BM had a talk with her today, after the umpteenth phonecall where she wanted to know when she should start packing to get out of the house so we could move in ::heavy eye roll::, and convinced her that 1) we don't want her house 2) she's not ready for a retirement unit 3) it's hideously expensive 4) we would not be better off financially, nor would she and 5) GET OVER IT.  She has appeased her guilt by offering to help out with the purchase of a new car for us - this way she feels like she is actively helping us (in her mind help equals financial assistance).  I'm too tired and exhausted from the mental warfare she has applied this week to argue, plus I have a final essay looming for the semester.  I'm now too close to the finish line (one essay, two more subjects to that BA) to let her paranoia affect me, plus I have my baby's 18th birthday next Sunday to worry about - far more important things, at least in my world view.

Watched the first episode of the new Dr Who tonight - it is truly a wonderful thing to behold ::sighs heavily::.  Now all I need to do is watch the new Star Wars episode and my little fangirl heart will be aflutter for days to come.

Did I mention my baby is 18 next Sunday - I feel very old at the moment.  How can 18 years past so swiftly ...

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