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On a break - see you round like a rissole.
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What a curious expression.

A very quintessential Australian curious expression. We're a bit that way down here.
Hope you are finishing homework and not sick of virtual life.

from, saucy like a tomato
not sick of virtual life
No, just sick of doing nothing but whinge about you-know-who on LJ, so thought I would stay away for a wee bit until I calmed down, as well as take some time do research my last essay for the semester. Hmmmm, Social Darwinism, racial purity and 19th century treatment of Aborigines - what a fun read that's turning out to be.

saucy like a tomato
That would be tomayto, not tomahto ...
or ``see ya later, crocodile'', as my kids would say...

:: waves over several hundred miles of bloody cold water ::