Things I need to do today ... ACK!!

  1. The hard drive may be home, but I have to re-install heaps of stuff such as codecs, favourites etc etc, and surprisingly I didn't have to wait till J comes home from school for him to re-install Azureus - I did it all by myself  (steenking teenager, I am woman, hear me roar) but also more accurately someone who desperately needs to see the season finale of Veronica Mars ::patiently checks download, only 2hrs, 23 mins to go::
  2. Watch Veronica Mars (see point 1).
  3. Uni reading - shit, that's going to get in the way of my Veronica Mars watching.
  4. Go to uni class between 1:30pm and 4pm (see point above).
  5. Fortnightly grocery shopping - otherwise my boys will starve on the weekend.
  6. Fill car with petrol (after taking out 2nd mortgage to afford petrol).
  7. Admit to actually liking a couple of songs on the James Marsters cd.
  8. Pack for Melbourne Buffyfest.
  9. Have a mild panic attack.
  10. Possibly sleep.
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  • Current Music: "This Town" James Marsters
I'M HERE!! J's home today so I've been fighting for computer access - finally got the chance to post and respond to posts/comments. Will give some feedback on your critique soon - have to do some domestic stuff now. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.