Things I need to do today ... ACK!!

  1. The hard drive may be home, but I have to re-install heaps of stuff such as codecs, favourites etc etc, and surprisingly I didn't have to wait till J comes home from school for him to re-install Azureus - I did it all by myself  (steenking teenager, I am woman, hear me roar) but also more accurately someone who desperately needs to see the season finale of Veronica Mars ::patiently checks download, only 2hrs, 23 mins to go::
  2. Watch Veronica Mars (see point 1).
  3. Uni reading - shit, that's going to get in the way of my Veronica Mars watching.
  4. Go to uni class between 1:30pm and 4pm (see point above).
  5. Fortnightly grocery shopping - otherwise my boys will starve on the weekend.
  6. Fill car with petrol (after taking out 2nd mortgage to afford petrol).
  7. Admit to actually liking a couple of songs on the James Marsters cd.
  8. Pack for Melbourne Buffyfest.
  9. Have a mild panic attack.
  10. Possibly sleep.
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  • Current Music: "This Town" James Marsters
All will be revealed ::insert evil, manic laughter::

If I have time I will burn last 2 eps to DVD - if not I'll put them on a cd and at least you can watch them on the computer ...
I should be making lists of my own, instead I'm reading yours.

Hope your Buffyfest this weekend is great - look forward to hearing about it next week.

And with regard to No 7 - I will proudly admit that I like most of the songs on the album, but I've obviously been playing it too often, as my 3-year old knows what most of the songs are called and keeps asking for Katie so that she can sing along.
::laughing fool head off once again at the JM album::

Gee it was good hanging out with you this weekend, Deb. You and Kathy and that mad book we all bought inspired me to try my hand at some Buffy criticism for the first time. Gee, we were intellectual this weekend :)!Hope you returned safely, well, and computer problem-free.
I'M HERE!! J's home today so I've been fighting for computer access - finally got the chance to post and respond to posts/comments. Will give some feedback on your critique soon - have to do some domestic stuff now. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.