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Well it is Sunday morning here in the antipodean part of the world, and a beautiful, sunny Autumnal day it is too. 

My mother's day present is a new motherboard for my computer.  Not the most romantic of gifts, but as my husband said to me, knowing how important the computer and my internet connection is to me, he could think of nothing else that would please me more, and I've got to say that he's right.  Not only is it necessary for me to be able to access the internet for my uni stuff, but also being a stay-at-home mum, it is, in many cases, my only point of contact with other people on a daily basis.

At the moment I'm desperately trying to complete a uni assignment due tomorrow.  Need to get it uploaded to the uni website, and print it off to hand it in tomorrow.  Why the desperation - because the new motherboard will be installed today, and if it all goes belly up, I need to get this out of the way first.  ::Fingers and toes preparing to cross::

Five more sleeps till the great Buffyfest 2005, really looking forward to getting together with kassto and caraway_ in Melbourne next weekend.  Season 5 Buffy watching planned, bit of sightseeing, good food, good friends, maybe a few drinks ;), and, I'm sure, a lot of laughs.

Now more coffee, a bit of breakfast , and back to the assignment.

ETA Now that other people have seen Serenity I must find some time to write down a few thoughts about it myself (under huge LJ cut tags, of course!).

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Happy Mother's Day Deb.
I am still waiting on my teenager to wake up.. lazy git.. so I have no idea what I have... but hubby made me a lovely cuppa this morning...and he is out feeding up the horses for me... so bonus there!!!

It is raining here...which is wonderful cause Qld is still in a drought.

I am so glad you got your new Motherboard! That is great.

Enjoy the rest of your day
My teenager wished me a happy mother's day as he headed out to a party last night - at least he remembered!

Re new motherboard - hopefully it will rectify all the problems we've beeen experiencing.

Hope the rain keeps falling, we could use some down here as well.

I'm actually just checking out you're new purrty pictures, very nice indeed!! If I could figure out how to put up a banner, I'd give it a go myself - took all my technical know-how to work out mood themes and personalised pictures. Maybe when uni finishes for the semester, I'll have a play around.

Hope the rest of today treats you well, and maybe a nice pressie or three.

I got lovely little gifts from the kidlings, and I thought, wow, the ex splurged some money to let them buy these things. Until D let slip that they'd got them at the $2 shop!

Looking forward to the weekend!