Serenity Now!

Looking forward to seeing the test screening of Serenity tonight, especially after watching the trailer this morning (after waiting an agonisingly long time for it to download - BigPond has slowed our speed again - Grrr Arrgh!!) .  Will be nice to see Mal and his crew again.

Attempting to catch up on uni work - thankfully it's reading week.

Computer problem has been found and isolated - miniscule crack in motherboard.  Bought a replacement motherboard off eBay last night, until it arrives will have to continue heating the bad connection with a hairdryer until the crack has closed enough to boot the computer.  Sheesh, the things I have to do to stay online.

Didn't feel quite so crappy after watching the most recent Einstein Factor episode - I scored as well as this week's winner, so my pride is a little undented.  Still not an experience I would quickly sign up for again though.

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Eep! At work all day and haven't been able to see the Serenity trailer yet (no sound). And yay for test screening tonight! I'm bummed that I wouldn't be able to meet up with you, but have plenty of fun, and report! :D

Hee, you went over the bigpond limit again? :P Maybe you should consider changing plans to some other companies? ;-)
Serenity rocked, even on digital tape without all the SFX quite there. It is a most excellent continuation of the series.

I've looked at other plans - unfortunately BigPond still offers one of the best - I guess TV downloads plus music downloads plus teenager = excessive useage. At least the US TV season finishes soon ...

We must try to meet up sometime soon.