Serenity Now!

Looking forward to seeing the test screening of Serenity tonight, especially after watching the trailer this morning (after waiting an agonisingly long time for it to download - BigPond has slowed our speed again - Grrr Arrgh!!) .  Will be nice to see Mal and his crew again.

Attempting to catch up on uni work - thankfully it's reading week.

Computer problem has been found and isolated - miniscule crack in motherboard.  Bought a replacement motherboard off eBay last night, until it arrives will have to continue heating the bad connection with a hairdryer until the crack has closed enough to boot the computer.  Sheesh, the things I have to do to stay online.

Didn't feel quite so crappy after watching the most recent Einstein Factor episode - I scored as well as this week's winner, so my pride is a little undented.  Still not an experience I would quickly sign up for again though.

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Got my s1 Firefly dvd from bigpond yesterday, and I'm counting the hours until BIB and I can watch it tonight. I'll be with you in spirit, sister!
BM (who, after watching Grumpy Old Men last night, I'm thinking of renaming GOM, - I want to know when they interviewed HIM!!!) and I caught up on a few episodes on the weekend. Like any new series it takes a while to get to know the characters, and the 'feel' of the show, but we both have thoroughly enjoyed watching it on various occasions. Hope you find it entertaining too.
Hee! Grumpy Old Men was on our viewing sched last night too, PG was getting all grumpy about how grumpy they were: it was truly postmodern and self-referential and all that...
Just looking at the trailer had me salivating, it will be great to see a Joss created world again.

My downloading will have to wait TILL Sunday, when our normal speed returns (damn BigPond and their limited 'unlimited' downloads!!!!!), and I was so looking forward to VM this week - do you feel like there's a big anvil, or at least a very big shoe, swinging in the wind somewhere?
Eep! At work all day and haven't been able to see the Serenity trailer yet (no sound). And yay for test screening tonight! I'm bummed that I wouldn't be able to meet up with you, but have plenty of fun, and report! :D

Hee, you went over the bigpond limit again? :P Maybe you should consider changing plans to some other companies? ;-)
Serenity rocked, even on digital tape without all the SFX quite there. It is a most excellent continuation of the series.

I've looked at other plans - unfortunately BigPond still offers one of the best - I guess TV downloads plus music downloads plus teenager = excessive useage. At least the US TV season finishes soon ...

We must try to meet up sometime soon.
I loved Grumpy Old Men - found it really funny and Chris and I found ourselves in agreement with much of what they were saying. They then followed it up with a Grumpy Old Women series, which I didn't enjoy, it just seemed to be a load of women complaining. So, either I'm in denial that I'm a GOW, or I really am a GOM.
Any bunch of women together, old or not, can sound like a load of women complaining. I can remember when I worked that an office full of women wasn't necessarily the happiest place on Earth. I think that I would prefer to be a GOM too.