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Winter has finally arrived with a vengeance, but we have had three days of rain which has been great, after a long dry spell.  Back to school for J tomorrow, so my computer time will be not as limited as it has been. 


Uni back this week but not for me just yet - classes start in Week 3.  Guess the delay has something to do with co-ordinating with the students in the States (from the University of North Carolina) who are also doing the subject in conjunction with us Aussies.  Hopefully will prove interesting, if not a little daunting - my lecturer has referred to it as ‘experimental’.  The subject content is the relationship between American and Australian cinema, both in industry and content terms.  Have always enjoyed Cultural Studies since I fell into it a few years back.  Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the subjects I chose for my English Lit major, the subjects in Cultural Studies have given me far more pleasure than I ever anticipated.  Popular culture is such a significant part of our daily life that it must be given the academic credence it deserves.  High art, low art, pop art, canon literature, pornography, slash fiction, whatever - it all has a place, and is worthy of being studied, regardless of the strange looks I get when I talk about writing essays on the “Alien” quadrilogy, or “Batman: The Movie” (the original with Adam West), or God forbid, even “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.  In many instances I don’t refer to it, just to save me having to go into a rant about the whole bloody thing - I ain’t the intellectual snob here baby.   

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