Buffy S1-S3 - a speedy review, or I've run out of time .........

Running way behind (for many real life reasons) on my Buffy review, I watched two seasons of Buffy in a day which = Buffy overload, but also means I got an AWFUL lot of ironing done.  S3 is not one that I’ve revisited as much as some seasons, so it was interesting watching a lot of the episodes.  Just jotting down some brief, and very shallow, thoughts:

Buffy – shit … did her friends and Giles pile a lot of crap on her, or what?  I’ve always said that I have never felt the visceral hatred that some fans seem to have towards the character, but my sympathy for Buffy has really been reinforced today.  The amount of pressure and responsibility and disapproval and disappointment that she had directed at her as a 16/17 year old, well I can certainly understand why the character became ‘closed off’ as the seasons went on.  I’m not condoning her behaviour, but I’m not condemning her either.  (To misquote Jessica Rabbit “I’m not bad, I’m just written that way”).


Willow – that magic addiction started early - beyond that, I don't find her objectionable, as such ....


Giles – some wonderful moments between him and Buffy, really enjoyed seeing that again.


Xander – oh boy, my animosity knows no bounds, he continues apace with his bigotry and jealousy.  He is the only original Scooby that I cannot abide, and his treatment of Anya in later seasons only reinforces that for me.


Cordelia – well, she is what she is, and damn good at.  Still I wasn’t sorry to see her leave, because her character really did develop on Angel, apart from the higher being crap later on.


Faith – ahh, cleavagey little slutbomb, made for an interesting S3 in many ways, in others the metaphor of dichotomy was just a little too transparent.


Oz – love, love Oz.


Angel – I really did have to f/f through his and Buffy’s snogging scenes – used to be a B/A way back when, but now it makes me barf.  S3 really did me in over that relationship.


Angelus – in leather pants, my preferred incarnation.


Wesley – said it before, I’ll say it again – it’s a long journey from S2 BtVS Wesley to S5 AtS Wesley, but I liked the ride – his character growth was the most radical and mesmerising of the Buffy/Angel/verse.  Love him then, love him now.


Drusilla – I can’t believe Spike was that patient, she would have driven me insane.  I was surprised that the character actually grated on me on the reviewing.


Spike – no words needed.


The Mayor (Richard Wilkins III) –  I honestly think he is my preferred bad guy, Howard Hughes kinks and all.

The only other thing that I have gained from my intensive viewing (apart from many scribbled notes) was my intense dislike of Noxon’s episodes.  Her episodes are overly emotional, with metaphors as big as anvils, and all about bad boyfriends, bad relationships, bad love, and she apparently does not have a sense of humour.  Apart from The Wish, I really found most of them only watchable with my finger on the fast forward constantly – yikes – and I thought it was all about S6, now I know it started much earlier, well for me anyway…

Onto S4/S5 tomorrow.  These are seasons that I’ve watched a number of times, so I’ll just be skimming through the episodes, and then the next day it will be S6 (which I’ve only ever rewatched up to Tabula Rasa) and S7 which I’ve rewatched a few episodes of, here and there.



Our computer has also be unwell (again).  B thinks it is a ‘dry joint’, which apparently is a small fracture somewhere (possibly in the power supply or the motherboard which means when the computer is cold, it won’t boot up.  Once it heats up, the fracture closes and the computer is OK, but if you shut it down and allow the hard drive to get cool, the fracture re-opens, and the same thing occurs.  When this happens we have to take the damn hard drive apart, shake everything inside, hope that the fracture may close enough for everything to connect enough to boot up.  B says these sort of intermittent problems are really hard to track down – he’s the electronic technician (well he’s trained as an electrician/electronic technician, now he’s an OHS professional), so who am I to argue.  The upshot of this boring diatribe – our computer cannot be turned off, at all, ever, ever, ever - unless it is turned back on straightaway, or until we can afford a new computer rebuild (and after just forking out for bike and car rego, not to mention a $579 speeding fine – thanks J – that’s not even a remote possibility).


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    I've also decided that I should be quite perturbed at the fact that I can say the "Spike" quote before, or in unison, with the actor on screen - does this mean I'm Spike-obsessed - should I be worried? ETA - HTML is mucking up, stupid LJ, it's 1:00am, really need to go to bed.

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    I'm sure you'll do great, honey... And you have lots more Spike to watch, which can never be a bad thing. Now, get some sleep if you can.
    I'm going into massive panic overload - nightmares of a blank mind when the questions are asked, have no idea how to calm myself down.
    I am sure you will do fine! And yes... like you I can say the Spike quotes... I like to think it means we have superior memory skills (which would be a much more effective argument if I could remember other things as well!)

    I like (and pretty much agree with) your observations on the characters.. I also have never felt the seething hatred towards Buffy's character... there was a LOT she did especially in relation to Spike which made me want to strangle her... but as you said the girl was a product of her experiences. I prefer Buffy's character when we (fan fic authors) rewrite her! LOL.

    I love Wesley he really did undergo an amazing journey through the course of the shows didn't he?! I tried to show that, or at least a glimpse of it in my fic Between the Motion and the Act.

    Have fun watching S4 and 5 today... keep that remote handy for Riley removal... arghh I actually dislike him even more than I do Angel... and that is saying a lot! And don't forget the pause button is your friend... Spike in chains... Spike tied to a chair... SPIKE in general!!! lol.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts and words. I'm panicking a bit at the moment, worried by mind will be a total blank.

    Riley - whitebread wanker, the remote really is our friend ;).
    I've also decided that I should be quite perturbed at the fact that I can say the "Spike" quote before, or in unison, with the actor on screen - does this mean I'm Spike-obsessed - should I be worried?

    That means you'll do great in the show! ;-)

    Ah, and that happens to me too, in later seasons...:P