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A little woo and a little hoo

Ahh - I don't need no stinking teenager to work out computer stuff - I am woman, hear me roar!  Have spent way too much time on sorting out the mood theme problem, but I did it, I did it, I did it (brief pause for Snoopy dance), so go me! - and I think I also sorted out hubbie's problem in how to link pictures for his latest obsession, eBay (practice link below).  Hopefully I can actually get on with more important stuff tomorrow, such as reviewing more of Buffy S1, and extending sympathy to my sick LJ friends kassto and caraway_ , if my internet time isn't limited by holidaying teenager that is.

Test only:

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Thank you, petal! Hope you don't catch it too. I've stalled a bit on the Buffy watching since we lost the DVD remote the other night (found again now) and also -- need to go to bed early to get well. But I've got to get season one watched and send the DVDs to my sister in Auckland who is keen to watch, before she goes off the boil!
Hope you're starting to feel better - rest is good, although not always easy with little ones around. Sending you good, healthy vibes for a quick recovery, you definitely can't be unwell for your upcoming holiday!
Awww, you're sweet...
... and your lj looks just dandy as well. I am totally impressed by your computer savvy, my computer doltishness knows no bounds.

My husband has inducted Big Idea Boy into the mysteries of EBay. They say it is a cheap way to get computer games. I say go off drumming in the rainforest, if ya wanna male bond.
Re: Awww, you're sweet...
Hope you're feeling better. Have been enjoying playing around with the computer, the internet and LJ, since I lost my job a few years ago, don't use the skills as much but try to keep up-to-date (even if I am 'too old' to be employable). I find just sitting down and giving it a go (without the background whine of teenager in full flight) usually has some productive results. I even installed another mood theme (could become addictive) and will spend some time today creating more LJ icons, seeing as I spent $US2.00 for the privilege of having more than three.

Mmmm ... eBay - just received 2 items in the mail (camera case for hubbie and Family Guy DVDs for son), with more purchases winging their way to us. Some bargains are available but it's kind of like a betting addiction, hovering over the computer, refreshing every few moments to see if a new bid has occurred, has anybody outbid you, what limit will you go to, how many similar items are available etc etc etc. Still hubbie finds it relaxing after work (commutes to Sydney and currently doing a six month stint as manager of his section - with all the accompanying stress and problems), so will grin and bear it (and look for some bargains of my own, pity I already own all of the Buffy and Angel DVDs).

Male bonding - always bring images of "Lord of the Flies" for some reason.
Re: Awww, you're sweet...
::contemplates going on eBay to get cheap Buffy DVDs, then shudders and shouts: 'begone, foul potential addiction'!::