Quirky Buffy facts, the last, and more drivel about the Buffy quiz

Thought I would have as my fifth quirky fact something about Joss' subversion of televisual generic conventions in Hush, The Body, and Once More with Feeling - use of certain types of unusual silence or sound, not talking in Hush, only background noise/sounds in The Body, songs in OMWF.  Anyone got any pertinent info or comments on those particular episodes, all help gratefully received.

My travel details came through today, I'm taping at night, so I get to fly to Melbourne, stay overnight in lovely bayside St Kilda, and then return the next day, all at the expense of the ABC - I really am getting my 8 cents value a day (an ad campaign ran a while ago about how the ABC only cost the taxpayer 8 cents a day - the ABC is a government funded public broadcasting service).   Then 3 weeks later I fly back to Melbourne to meet up with the lovely caraway_ and kassto for our Commonwealth Buffyfest (with icecream apparently).  All in all the next few weeks are going to be All.About.Buffy for me, and I'm surprisingly happy about that.  My show may be dead, but it lives on in other ways.

In other news ... my mother-in-law's car has been pronounced dead, so have been busy with insurance companies, motor registries, etc etc etc - bloody paperwork.  Unfortunately my uni work is lagging behind, and I just don't seem to be able to find the energy to care .... ETA well I'm up to date for the time being, thanks to an early, early start - so it's back to S2 Buffy watching for me.

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Sounds like fun, and I think that's a very good Buffy fact. The fact that they're done without sound/without background music/Joss Whedon wrote all the songs in OMWF is probably all I know about the episode though!

Or, I think Hush was nominated for an Emmy wasn't it? I'm not too sure on that...hmm.
Hush/Emmy - yes I think it was, I'll have to check it out.

How did the interview go? Meant to wish you luck, but time got away from me.
Thanks, it went ok I suppose, but I don't have high expectations. I'll probably post about it later! :)