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James Marsters' Q&A Houston Con

As with Cool Money, I have access to downloads of a video of this event.  I'm not overly interested in it for myself, but if anyone else would like it, I can download, and then upload to YouSendIt, if time and Telstra Bigpond permits.  I'm sort of busy at the moment with uni stuff and cramming for my Buffy quiz outing (those skirts of Buffy's were really short in Season 1 weren't they, and some of those tops - sheesh, the wardrobe person must have hated her), so not sure how quickly I can do it.  Let me know if anyone is interested.
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And yes please to Black Books - B is home sick, J is home till next term (he's finished his half-yearlies), I'm trying to get uni stuff done, and rewatch Buffy, and they're in the friggin' way, and my mind is all over the place.