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Brief odds and sods

The internet is a wonderful thing - I'm currently conversing with one of my very best real life friends who is at the moment in Arica, Chile.  H has had a lifelong love of archeology, and a lottery win a couple of years ago has allowed her to pursue this passion.  She has been to digs in Cyprus and Chile in previous years, and has returned to Chile this year.  Serendipitously for her she is involved in a major find - in her words "the group is helping excavate a Chinchorro mummy site under the direction of the world expert. There is nothing like gently brushing around a 4000 year old mummy ..."  I couldn't be happy for her, what a wonderful feeling it must be.

Season 1 Buffy viewing is complete, and might I say with all the Buffy hatred renewed around the place, it would well be worth while for Buffy haters to revisit Season 1 - the seeds of Buffy's coldness and isolation are well planted in this season - it's a shitload of responsibility to lay on a sixteen year old's shoulder.

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