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The Buffy quiz update, or how I need to get a life

Firstly, thanks to everyone for you words of encouragement about The Einstein Factor.  I’m feeling slightly silly about my OTT reaction, it’s just a quiz show, no big deal, I guess my life is mostly fairly dull, so even the slightest excitement is a big thing to me.


Secondly, here are a few more details for those who asked. I will be flying down to Melbourne on Thursday 21 April (Thursday fortnight) for the taping of the show.  A whole round is taped on the one day (5 or 6 shows maybe) – if you’re in the evening taping, you get to stay overnight.  Haven’t got the details of my flights etc, so don’t know yet whether I’m in the afternoon or evening taping.  I guess I’ll found out about TV air dates when I’m down there.  Three contestants are in each show - first round of questions is on your 'special' topic, maximum 15 questions in 90(?) seconds, second round - choose a topic from those listed (general knowledge), everyone answers from multiple choice list, last round - general knowledge WITH special topic questions asked randomly, must hit buzzer to answer.


Thirdly, thanks for the trial questions kassto and skylee.  For anyone who is interested these are the Buffy questions and answers from last year’s series.</span>


Q1. Buffy fell in love with which vampire played by David Boreanaz?

Q2. The scene of many dramas was which popular Sunnydale nightspot?

Q3. Which character helped Buffy and Giles by hacking into various computer systems?
Q4. What were the first names of Buffy's parents?

Q5. Buffy was attending which high school when Merrick told her she was the chosen one?
Q6. In the episode 'Teacher's Pet', who developed a huge crush on the new substitute teacher, Miss French?
Q7. Science club geeks Eric and Chris intended to use the head of whom for the 'girlfriend' they were making for Daryl Epps?

Q8. Which old acquaintance of Giles created havoc by turning the gang into their Halloween costume characters?
Q9. While a student at
Oxford University, Rupert Giles had what nickname?

Q10. First revealed in the episode 'What's My Line Part One' was Willow's ranidaphobia, or fear of what?
Q11. Oz played guitar for which band?
Q12. Who played the role of glamourous super-bitch Hellgod Glory?

Q13. Students of which college fraternity worshipped the demon
Q14. Faith was followed to Sunnydale by which vampire who killed her unnamed female watcher?

Q15. The portal to an evil dimension atop which Sunnydale was located is called a what?



A1. Angel

A2. The Bronze
A3. Willow/Rosenberg

A4. Hank & Joyce

A5. Hemery High

A6. Xander/Harris

A7. Cordelia/Chase

A8. Ethan/Rayne
A9. Ripper

A10. Frogs

A11. Dingoes Ate My Baby
A12. Clare Kramer

A13. Delta Zeta Kappa

A14. Kakistos

A15. Hellmouth


My score 13/15 – missed 10 & 13.


Fourthly – HELP!  I have to come up with 5 Quirky bits about my topic, which will go on The Einstein Factor’s website with a picture and my profile (cringe).  I looking for some helpful suggestions here guys.    I came up with one when I was talking to talesofspike  yesterday – two of the actors who played British characters weren’t really British yadda, yadda, (and in a brief aside, an article in yesterday’s Guardian listed James Marsters’ accent for Spike as the third best in a list of 10 best accents). 


Here are some examples of quirky bits from other contestants for Xena and Dr Who.


  • The greatest conceit of Xena Warrior Princess the TV show, is that it's based on the exploits of a real historical figure whose existence was recorded in the so-called Xena Scrolls, written by her best friend and bard, Gabrielle. The scrolls were 'lost to history' until their re-discovery in a Macedonian cave in the 1940s.
  • R.J. Stewart (one of the show's five male producers) still maintains that, "Everything we did is documented in the Xena Scrolls. So we were always just telling it like it is. We were correcting the impression that centuries of sexism has created by taking the credit away from Xena and giving it to all these pretender males".
  • Gabrielle to Xena in Paradise Found: "I just wonder if maybe your fighting for good has more to do with the fighting part than the good part".
  • Xena was not an Amazon.
  • Lucy Lawless was not the first actor offered the role of the Warrior Princess.


  • Doctor Who began broadcasting on November 23 1963 - one day after the assassination of President Kennedy. In fact the show went out a few minutes late because of a news bulletin on the shooting.
  • At the height of their fame in the 60's the Beatles made an appearance in the show. Big fans, they wanted to do an episode where the Doctor visits them in the future playing in wheelchairs in a retirement home. Brian Epstein demanded a hefty appearance fee so they just made a quick appearance to play "Ticket To Ride".
  • Among its predictions of the future the show got right was the date of the Moon landing (one day off) and that by the end of the 70's, Britain would have a female Prime Minister. Of course they also predicted the British would put a man on Mars by 1971 and that Earth would fight its first interplanetary war in 1986!
  • The Daleks became so popular that the word has made its way into the English Dictionary. It is used to refer to a ruthless and uncaring behaviour and was used a lot in the press in the 80's and 90's to describe the Tory government.
  • A survey by the British Film Institute in recent years found Doctor Who the third most popular British TV show of all time. At 27 years, Doctor Who is the longest running TV science fiction of all time and one of the longest running programmes.

So over to you for suggestions.  I’m just about to fire up the DVD player and start S1 Buffy – 16 days, 144 episodes – bring on the coke and popcorn!

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