My baby ...

will be 18 in 8 weeks and 1 day.  He's currently at a mate's 18th birthday party (for any Americans who read this, 18 is the age that you can legally vote and drink alcohol in Australia, so it is an important occasion) - the mate's place is about 45 minutes away - he drove, with 4 friends, and will stay overnight.  It's the furtherest he has driven since he got his Ps.  You really never stop worrying about your kids.

It will be a poignant time for us, Jake's 18th.  When Jake was born, Bruce's brother Ian gave us a bottle of port to drink on Jake's 18th birthday.  In the card accompanying the bottle, Ian expresses the hope that he can share a glass with us on that occasion, but if he can't be there, to raise a glass for him.  Sadly, Ian died of cancer 15 years ago.  Bruce's father Ross died 3 years ago after suffering Alzheimer's for a period of time, and my father passed away from a heart attack 21 years ago, but come the 29th of May 2005, Bruce and I, with Jake, will be raising a glass of port to celebrate 18 years of our son's life, and remembering those wonderful men who shared our lives too briefly.

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Oh, it will be an emotional time for all those reasons! And I hope the port has aged well!

Also, let me say how much I am looking forward to May when we get together at C's place. I'm really keen to meet you both!

And, another also, after finding out on your LJ where the big discussion was, I hope I haven't offended Fer. Went over to her LJ and read all eleventy seven comments on Buffy and felt obliged to dive in and rant on at length, on the basis that I am a tad harsher on Buffy than she is. I find I sit somewhere near Rahirah and Thedeadlyhook, and somewhere between Fer on one hand and Shipperx on the other, who is fairly anti. Then again, I'm all over the place depending on the last person I reacted to!
Bruce said last night that we must stand the bottle of port up soon, so it can settle (been stored on its side for the past 17 yrs). I hope it doesn't turn out to be vinegar.

Just thought about Melbourne yesterday, realising that it's NEXT month - woo hoo, very much looking forward to it myself.

I'm sure that Fer won't be offended - she understands that there are many different opinions of Buffy. Can't believe how many comments there are - the 'verse still lives on.
On the plus side as well as some positive memories, you have both Bruce and Jake right there with you. By the time I celebrated my 18th birthday I was into my second term of uni and living about a hundred and fifty miles away from my parents, so not much of a celebration for them, I suppose.
Must have been hard to be away from home, although I totally enjoyed the freedom when I first went to uni from school. It was about 2 hours away, and after growing up in a small country town (pop. 2000) where it seemed I was related to half the population, it was wonderful to walk down the main street of this large town/city, and NOT no one single person.

May will be a big month, I'm also travelling to Melbourne to meet up with 2 LJ friends (one I've already met, and the other is flying in from New Zealand), so excitement all round!
I was in much the same position except the town I came from had a population of 4,000 (but you still had people saying, "You're (insert mother's maiden name)'s lassie.") and when uni time came around I deliberately avoided the nearest university which over half the people in my final year ended up going to, in favour of a fresh start. I'm not sure it was any better or worse than being closer to home but it certainly gave me more independence. My elder sister went to the nearby uni and my mum wanted to know what was going on if she wasn't home for the weekend.

Sounds like May's going to be fun. Enjoy the big get together.
Awwww ::snurfles::. It really goes by so quickly, don't it?

As for a mere month until the Spuffyrama, yay!