What a sap I am

I've only watched the special features on Disc 6 of S5 Angel, and my eyes are leaking, how pathetic is that - I really do miss my shows.  Tomorrow I think I might start an attempt at a serious essay delving into why Buffy and Angel 'hooked' me, because I think I really need to write it, if only for me.
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The discussions of the last few days have me reviving/re-energising/re-acquainting with my love for the Jossverse. I know why I started watching Buffy, but what kept me watching, what was it about the show that made me 'obsessed', why am I still enchanted by it, why do I feel as if I've lost something - these are things I feel that I need to enunciate.

Oh my mother-in-law, I found her but it's been a long couple of days - dealing with police, insurance companies, HER. Today she decided she needed a "living will", so she doesn't end up like Terry Shiavo(??) - coupled with PMS, it's been a hell of a week. Maybe that's why I'm retreating to my Buffy/Angel world ...