Thank you Telstra Bigpond

for making my week a little better ::pets returned 1536kbps download speed::  Off to download new Veronica Mars, and ponder (and quietly rejoice at) the ability of a show (that would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to still engender passionate discussion nearly 2 years after its' demise.
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Think it's just a matter of the month clicking over - looks like Bigpond broadband changes on the 30th, regardless of whether there are 31 days in the month. At least that's what I figure, I certainly didn't do anything, but the speed is back up - 'cos I've d'l Veronica Mars, Dr Who today, and in the process of d/l Lost and South Park, and it's all good again - that's all I need to know!
Ah, cool! Thanks for that, we haven't exceeded this month's limit, but the whole family is downloading like mad today. Hee.