Thank you Telstra Bigpond

for making my week a little better ::pets returned 1536kbps download speed::  Off to download new Veronica Mars, and ponder (and quietly rejoice at) the ability of a show (that would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to still engender passionate discussion nearly 2 years after its' demise.
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Glad you've got your proper downloads are back up and running. Of course, that'll mean catching up on all that college stuff, too...

Thankfully, our unlimited access really is, because hubby reckons our combined upload/download can run to a couple of gigs in a single day. God knows what he's downloading/sharing half the time... but I know I couldn't go back to modem speeds even for just accessing web pages.
It's been beyond frustrating the last couple of days - you virtually had time to go make a cuppa between clicking on a page, and having it open. Dial-up speeds truly suck.

Yeah, I guess I could go do uni stuff ::oh look at the shiny new Veronica Mars episode all downloaded and ready for watching:: There's alway tomorrow ...
... and now you are singing broadway tunes from Annie (tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow) which is no doubt a severe overreaction to Marilyn Manson. Speaking of my gutter mind, I am so enjoying icemink's version of s1 and 2.
A severe reaction to Marilyn Manson's version of Tainted Love (oh tainted love) methinks.

New fic, who is the is icemink you speak of ... ::slinks off to read::
Oh that icemink, "Family, Blood, and Prophecy" icemink. Yes, yes, very good - will be interesting to see where she goes with Soulless Spike.