SIGH ... heavy, heavy, HEAVY sigh

Looks like it going to be one of those weeks, and I still haven't done my uni postings that were due last week.  Anyone got a really big rock (apart from Angelus) that I can crawl under.

P.S. caraway_ - Veronica Mars eps 11-15 are on the way.

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Well I know where there is a really big one... but don't know how you will manage to crawl under it. LOL.... Uluru... Deb is coming to visit!!!!

Deep breath...all will be fine!
Well, I did try to climb up Uluru once!

Lots and lots of big, deep breaths, or possibly a week long vacation with no child, husband or relatives, and lots of alcohol, internet access (I might finally get a chance to catch up on your fics, and actually leave feedback), and DVDs.
LOL... just get thru the week first... but while we are at it...can I send my hubby and kids to wherever you send yours...then we can BOTH have some peace???
It's a deal, although I'd be happy for one day without Marilyn Manson blaring out at me constantly.
Ok... you win... I only have to put up with Linkin Park and Evernecense... Marilyn Manson is MUCH worse.
You DEFINATELY deserve a nice long holiday away from that!!!!

God luck with your uni submissions... I am sure you will do just fine tho!
Thank you for support and kind words ... it all helps, very much.

No seventeen (almost eighteen) year old, hormone addled, testosterone fueled males in your household then, oh I long for the days when it was just Linkin Park and Green Day blaring out from the speakers.

Better head off and make that steak parmigiana - what a pity I'll have to open a bottle of red!
LOL... no... 17 almost 18 year old hormone driven FEMALE instead...

And yeah... thinking of a nice bottle of red with dinner myself tonight! LOL
I'll trade you Marilyn Manson for Unforgettable Idols (that is the ones that were hopelessly awful).

On second thought...

As PG said to me this morning, it is Thursday, it is Thursday, then Friday, then Friday...
They still listen to the Unforgettables cd, oh you poor thing. I still can't hear the original song "Push Up" without hearing Flynn sing it ::shudder::

It is a good day - new VM and Lost, and the new Dr Who can finally be downloaded - WOO HOO!