My mother-in-law seriously pisses me off sometimes

I swear, by all the deities above, that my mother-in-law will be the death of me.  She was involved in a car accident this morning, a bus collided with her car, she's OK but apparently her car is a write-off.  Understandably, she was a bit of a wreck herself when she rang to tell me, but she couldn't remember any details apart from the car being towed away, doesn't know whether the police were notified, so I called the police station - nothing reported.  Went to collect her to take her into the station so she could report it (for insurance purposes), and I can't find her.  It reminds me of the time I came home to a message on the machine, saying she was in hospital, could I come and collect her.  That time she had been hit by a car (like her actual person), thrown on the bonnet, bounced off the windscreen, and broke her collar bone, as well as various bumps and bruises.  By the time I rang the hospital she had just left.  I thought she must have gotten a taxi home, so I hightailed it to her place to see how she was - she wasn't there.  I waited for awhile, and there she comes, walking down the street - she had WALKED home from the hospital.  I just knew that's what she was doing, but I had images of her collapsing somewhere on the way home.  Heaven only knows where she is now, probably decided to walk to the smash repairs place (three suburbs away!!) to get her things out of the car.  She makes me so infuriated - don't mind me dear, I'll just sit in the dark, don't want to be a bother, oh you shouldn't have, I know how busy you are, I can walk to the medical centre with the 20 stitches in my knee, I'm sure you're too busy to worry about a silly old thing like me etc etc etc.  GRRR ARGGH INDEED!
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Oh my, I amend my earlier response. She's got some serious denial issues. Dunno what to say, it's the old question of not being able to change other people, just your response to them. What I mean is, don't let the crazy ladies get you down!
I suspect, like all of us, that she has parental issues that shaped her into the sometimes aggravating person that she is today. I find myself counting to 10 (or 100) when I'm in her presence, still at least we sorted out the police report - tomorrow I get to deal with the insurance company - ooh frabjous day!
... and in the meantime, I'll be challenging our unlimited download by getting eps 5-10 of Veronica Mars. Good luck with the insurance.

By the way, have you read "The Measure of a Man" by Gwyneth Rhys? It deals with some of the same elements as Herself's current WIP (human Spike wants to become a vamp again) in a very different way.
Thanks for letting me know about VM 5-10, I was actually going to put them in the mail tomorrow!!- well maybe only 5-9. I'll send 11 -15 instead, if you still want them.

Gwyneth's stuff is very good - is there new "Measure of Man"? - I'm still trying to find favourites lost since the big computer crash.

I almost forgave Herself for all the angst today with her reunion chapter - mightn't always like the route, but usually find the journey is worth it in the end.
I kinda had *issues*, not so much with the abrupt but very hot reunion scene, as with the turn the fic took when he got revamped. Let's put it this way, I need a few more chapters where that gets explained and worked on a bit. As for 'Measure of a Man', there hasn't been an update since January. It is a Work in Molasses (and her sister just died, poor thing, so I don't expect much more soon), but is so well written!

A care package would be great, although I'll be itching to watch those before 5-10 are downloaded!
Will post this arvo - how's the downloading going, not having any problems? There's a new VM today, and of course because I've been so naughty, I'll have to wait till Fri - I'll have Dr Who, VM and Lost all lined up and ready to d/l come Fri morning!

Spike - hmm, haven't had much insight into him in Part 2, why, how, where? And I'm with Buffy on this, talking would be good, or just spending time together. Seemed to be a big leap from Vietnam to Cleveland, with something lost in between. I presume there will be more of the story.
I hope you find her soon! And that the insurance will get sorted out without too much trouble.

I eventually found her - she had decided to walk into town to do some grocery shopping (she will not ask for help), and then we went to the police station to do the report. Tomorrow I get to tackle the insurance company - oh joyous day, wonder how long I'll spend listening to Muzak ...