I've been a bad girl ...

and Telstra Bigpond is punishing me.  Well, I pushed our unlimited download/upload broadband plan to the limit this month, and now it's been capped, and slowed to 64kps till the end of the month because I've exceeded 10GB.  Unlimited is an interesting term in this regards, it's unlimited to a certain point, until Telstra Bigpond feels you need a lesson, and then you are smacked on the hand like a naughty child, and punished for trangressive behaviour, and your internet speed is reduced to DIAL-UP speeds - sheesh I forgot how slow it is, thanks for the reminder Bigpond.  Looks like I'll have to wait till Friday to download the new Dr Who.

Hope the Easter weekend is treating you all well, and that there are not too many sore tummies out there from too much chocolate (hhmmmm .... skylee ).  Back to the studying.

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Hee! I don't think I can eat anymore since there aren't anymore at home...

I have that plan with Telstra too! The "unlimited" plan where they reduce you to dial-up speed once you go over 10G. (not 10mb, right? Heh.) I'm thinking about changing to another company, but haven't had time to do research yet.

Sigh, back to the studying for me too!
Yep, 10GB - have corrected. Unfortunately I now must suffer till Friday because the 'shit' shows I downloaded are now preventing the 17 yr old from playing X-Box live, and downloading songs, and just making his life miserable in general. I told him it was my cunning plan for him not to have any distractions while he's doing Year 12 HSC assessments this week - he didn't find that acceptable as an excuse at all. Oh well my burden as a mother is heavy indeed.