Quick hello

For those who have enquired (and thanks for that) I'm OK, just trying to catch up on uni stuff, and deal with a couple of issues, but I'm of the good.
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You are checking in! Excellent. Loved talking with you last night. Can I just say that I forgot how wunderbar the fight was between Harmony and Xander in "The Initiative"? And the impotence convo between Willow and Spike... can't watch that too many times...

School of Rock. Seriously. Have a great rest of weekend.
Oh yes, the fight between Xander and Harmony, and Spike and the computer and "Hello, gorgeous", and Giles and Xander reconning, and Harmony and Spike "mon petite creme brulee", all good.

You know I really just have to accept that the show is over (duh), and it didn't end the way I wanted (BIG DUH), and just go rewatch and enjoy some of those great Buffy episodes.

Yep, I'm back.
Happy Easter right back 'atcha, good friend of mine. Have a great time with your sister. As to the other matter, I've replied on your LJ.