More Cool Money - video files, in fact

Ok, here are the files to upload to get your very own copy of Cool Money.  The DVD copy I made last night looks OK, few glitches here and there, but mostly seems fine (I hope this works, my technical skills have certainly been challenged this morning, but what else is there to do on a rainy Wednesday morning).  Enjoy!


Thanks to Spacenewt from for the original files.

ETA I've checked some of the parts, and there does seem to be a slight problem with the audio being out of synch (seems to affect about 4 out of 10 of the files, the audio lapses slightly behind the lip synch), but as Spacenewt wrote about the original files I downloaded "I managed to get it down to 200mb without losing too much of the quality, and I've split it into zips of around 20mb to make it easier for the dialuppers...", so I guess for those of us who know we'll never get to see it any other way, a wonky file is better than no file. My apologies to anyone who finds the quality unwatchable.

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I doubt you would want me to share the link to this journal entry so you can keep the downloads for your FL -- but would you mind if I re-uploaded these to YSI to share with my friends? So many people are looking for it.

Thank you SO much for uploading these.
Well, I've only got a teeny tiny FList, and only one other person has commented regarding uploading, so I guess you can link away if you want - I'll hang onto the files for awhile, and can upload to YSI again if necessary, but also feel free to upload your own files to YSI. Let's spread the James/Bobby love.
How about I point people this way, but ask them to reupload files and comment with the links on this post? That way the bandwidth will stay fresh, and you can get some well-deserved traffic to your journal.
That sounds fine. Now I've worked out YSI, hopefully I can contribute to go_pirates as well - lost all my downloaded VM episodes when the computer crashed, but will upload in the future.
Thanks for that - have just added a note to my post about the audio on some of the parts - about 4 out of the 10 have wonky out of synch audio, not too bad, just slightly lapsing. Still thought I would mention in case people don't want to download the files.
Whee! Thanks! Will download as soon as I get home. I'll upload them up to YSI too, if that's ok with you. :-)
Thank you so much for doing this, so very kind of you. I am in the process of YSIing the links back up. The only one i haven't been able to do so is part 5, as i haven't been able to d/l it for some odd reason. Not sure.

Thanks again!
Didn't realise there was such a demand for the avi. of this - glad I can help out. Let me know if you keep having problems with Part 5 - I can always upload it again.
Oh there is a big demand, as it's been hard for many to find any d/ls of it and the movie only aired in the US. And you know how Buffy has such a vast fandom. Everyone wants a piece :) Not to mention the lovely icon makers.

And if you could, would you upload part 5 again? I don't want to waste the other d/ls on part 5 for others if it's only my computer that is reading it wrong.
Will upload now, have briefly wrestled the computer from teenage son. The Buffy fandom really is vast, and dedicated ;). Glad I can aid that fandom in some small way. Will advise of new YSI link ASAP.
D/Led perfectly, thanks so much :)

I have almost all the new links up, btw. Should be posting them here soon.

Thanks again.
Re: Re-uploaded
No worries. Feel free to direct anyone here if you want - I don't have a big flist (actually it's tiny), so not expecting a big rush on the files.