Why I hate computers ...

Ok, after spending most of the afternoon attempting to change my mood theme to a customised one, I am now going to have to relent and ask the teenager for help.  He'll give me THAT look (the one that says Mum, why did you even try, you're a girl, this is boy stuff) and then my feminist hackles will rise, and I'll get even more frustrated at how I partly created this being and where did I go wrong.  Arggg .........  This all because I lashed out, and bought 2 months of Live Journal plus extra piccies at the exorbitant cost of US$7.00 (about AUS$9.70) - I'm calling it an early b'day present, but I really just wanted to use a Spike mood theme, and I can't even get that to work (sound of grinding teeth ...).

It's RAINING - not the most exciting news, but when you haven't had any decent rain for years, and the water supply dams are down to less than 50% capacity, it's very exciting.  I think the farm girl part of me will always love rain, it meant so much to my family when I was growing up on the farm.  I still think that there is no sweeter smell than the first few raindrops on dusty earth.

Must write some comments on Buffy S1Ep3-4 for ongoing project, but think I will break for coffee and chocolate fix. 

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