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Cool Money screencaps

Cool Money screencaps for st_salieri , and anyone else who wants them.  I've had to resize the original pictures so I could upload to Photobucket.  If anyone wants the original larger file, e-mail me hasler.mcdonald@bigpond.com, and I will e-mail the file/s to you.





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He is very pretty, isn't he. Have just posted the links for the video files, hope they download OK.
Ooh, lovely pics! Great quality. I'd love the big files, if you don't mind. I'm st_salieri @ livejournal.com.
My home e-mail is blocking your address - not sure whether it is becuase of out Norton anti-virus thingie, or my ISP, it just doesn't want to send to livejournal. I tried to send them through my uni e-mail but it's got 'size' limits, so I'm stuck thinking of what to do.

Also the Cool Money files - in some of the parts, the audio is out of synch, thought I'd let you know if you don't want to continue downloading.
That's funny -- I actually received both of your emails!

And I downloaded the CM files anyway so I can make more screencaps. At the moment, I'm going to make a couple of quick ones using your caps, if you don't mind. Thank you so much!
Were the e-mails from hasler.mcdonald@bigpond.com, because that's just weird, I got a message saying error, unable to send, or were they from dmh11@uow.edu.au, because I think some of them went through, maybe.

I guess the CM files will be fine for screencapping, sorry about the audio - guess that's the problem with downloading in general.
Yum. I'm just going to sit here the rest of the evening and drool, I think. Not attractive, but noone's here to see.