Friends of mine (mostly antipodean in the case of this matter), I am currently downloading a copy of this telemovie (no sniggering from you caraway_ ) .  If anyone wants a copy I can do one of two things, burn it to a Video CD or DVD (depending on the size), or upload it to yousendit (if I can work out how to do that) and you can download your own copy.  Let me know.
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No sniggering from us. We are too busy enjoying the four (4!) Veronica Mars tapes we got today! I said: 'ooooh, here's a prezzie from my friend Deb!' Supergirl: 'If you don't mind, I think she is all of our friend.'

So thanks, all of our friend.
"All of our friend" blushes.

As I said, if you find the eps to hard to watch, I'll look for an alternative - VM is too good to miss!
Can you upload it to yousendit? Figure that'd be easier than burning a VCD/DVD? I'd be most grateful. Thanks! ::smooches you::
Currently burning my copy to dvd now. Will attempt to upload files to yousendit tomorrow, and let you know once completed - does that sound OK?
The version I have is in 10 parts, so once I work out YSI (I'll upload the zipped files), I'll put the links in a post (I hope - new fangled doohickies can be very perplexing to an old bird like me).