In the realms of What The F...

The Australian Federal government is re-considering the applications of a number of long term refugees, because they have converted to Christianity. Hmmm ... so 'we' didn't want them as Muslims, but they're OK as Christians.  I don't even know where to start ...

Tony Abbott's love child isn't his - hmmmm, so this heartrending tale can no longer be used in the upcoming abortion 'debate', what ever will the Federal Government think of next?

Major storms predicted for today - not that I can see any proof of that beyond the clouds in the sky.  Metereology is not my thing, although I'm sure I would have studied some of it during my first time round at uni, where I did 3 out of 4 years of a Secondary Social Science teaching degree (that's geography and economics, folks) in a galaxy far, far away.

And now for some more gratuitous photo postings (cleaning out my photo files, amazing what you find), and I somehow feel these photos may explain why JM keeps a tight control on his hairstyle, be it by peroxide and gel, or a No. 1 buzzcut.  I'm sure you've all seen them before, and quite possibly not dial-up friendly:

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Whoa. Fro and Farrah. Paint me impressed :^)

I forgot to mention your fabbo Lost icon. Did you do that all by yourself? Wow.
This was an unfortunate result of me agreeing to a fellow student perming my hair (natural curls + perm = Major Frizz Attack). It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lost Icon - not mine, my photoshop skills are nowhere near this advanced, and possibly never will be.

Brief X-Factor comment, only watching quarter-heartedly these days. Kaya and Gemma? (brave and not bad attempt at a Bjork song) are the only decent things on this show. The rest would give karoake a bad name.
Yeah, I watched a bit of X Factor on Sunday (even Supergirl is finding it boring, and she lurves karaoke). Random and Kaya have talent, but that was not their best efforts. And Mark is right, the rest were boring-ass as boring. Also, the format of judges as advocates and judges at the same time? Stooopid.