Sucks to be me

Tonsillitis - used to it, had it 2 or 3 times a year since Dr took out adenoids but not tonsils.  Infected sinus passages - big time suckage - feels like my head is going to explode, and it's a week later and I still feel like death warmed up.  Whinge over.

I sometimes wonder how I would cope as a teenager today, and marvel at Jake's ability to bounce back.  Latest crisis - J heads off to mate's place for pleasant evening only to end up in middle of drug experimentation (not him, thankfully).  One of his best mates (A) has a bad LSD trip, and exhibits major psychotic behaviour, and Jake has to decide how to deal - ends up calling ambulance.  Regardless of the fact that it was the right thing to do, still left J reeling, worrying about the ramifications, beyond the physical/medical, to his friend.  Luckily A and his brother both thanked J for his actions, and A has sworn off drugs.  Proud of J though, tough call to make, and did it all himself.  Life lessons -- the hard way.

kassto - if you read this - enjoyed your Welcome to the Hellmouth review, just haven't had the energy to reply, looking forward to more.

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Sorry about that poor head.

I shall write some more season 1 reviews tonight. Glad you enjoyed.

Your boy sounds remarkably level-headed. Good for him. So glad, for your and his sake, that he handled himself so well. I don't think I would have been so mature at that age.

All the best!
Don't get me wrong - he can still do some completely stupid teenager things, but yeah sometimes amazes me how mature he is - he once told us that we were great parents and this was the analogy he used - we gave him a room with walls and a ceiling, but unlike a lot of his friends whose parents seal them in that room, we also gave him a door that he could decide to open, if and when he wanted to - even years later I still try to work that out, but I think he meant (he's a very lateral thinker) that we give him rules and boundaries but ultimately leave the final decision up to him.

Will look for the new reviews, may even chime in with my own astute, or possibly asinine, comments as well. Hope you and yours are well.