Sucks to be me

Tonsillitis - used to it, had it 2 or 3 times a year since Dr took out adenoids but not tonsils.  Infected sinus passages - big time suckage - feels like my head is going to explode, and it's a week later and I still feel like death warmed up.  Whinge over.

I sometimes wonder how I would cope as a teenager today, and marvel at Jake's ability to bounce back.  Latest crisis - J heads off to mate's place for pleasant evening only to end up in middle of drug experimentation (not him, thankfully).  One of his best mates (A) has a bad LSD trip, and exhibits major psychotic behaviour, and Jake has to decide how to deal - ends up calling ambulance.  Regardless of the fact that it was the right thing to do, still left J reeling, worrying about the ramifications, beyond the physical/medical, to his friend.  Luckily A and his brother both thanked J for his actions, and A has sworn off drugs.  Proud of J though, tough call to make, and did it all himself.  Life lessons -- the hard way.

kassto - if you read this - enjoyed your Welcome to the Hellmouth review, just haven't had the energy to reply, looking forward to more.

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Now I'll have to check my postings and see what inane things I've had to say (oh dear, just checked, a bit of a JM obsession happening there, umm ... oh well he is a pretty boy after all).

Personal stuff - ask away, LJ’s funny that way. Re THE DRUG TALK - not so much a single serious talk but comments here and there as opportunities arise. I used to smoke (cigarettes) and still drink (beer, wine), and hubbie dabbled in pot in his 20s, so it is really hard to do the do as I say, not as I do, without feeling like a hypocrite. Jake has had a couple of scares with illegal drugs (the thing recently with his friend and a run in with sniffer dogs at a dance party thingie - long story involving police, ‘arrests’, warnings - that I won’t go into detail here) that I think he is completely staying away from those. He smokes, much to our chagrin, and since his Year 10 farewell (last Dec), we have been buying him alcohol when he requests it for his social gatherings. We figure that it is better for us to know, and at least regulate how much he drinks, than for him to do it behind our backs, like we did with our parents. He also chooses NOT to drink sometimes, so we hope he is learning to be a responsible social drinker rather than a binge drinker. He occasionally has a beer or two at home as well. We have tried not to belabour the ‘say no to drugs’ thing because he has had a fairly constant dose of that from school (starting in primary school, and continuing through high school), but in all reality I think it’s the real life lessons that teach us better than the talks/lectures. You know it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a parent you always feel like you are fumbling in the dark, hopefully occasionally making the right decision, and certainly what works for us may not work for anyone else. I am always hesitant in giving advice because we have completely screwed up things here and there, but I guess waiting for them to ask is sometimes better than giving them the talk before they are ready. Also find out specifically what they want to know - I launched into a huge discussion about sex when Jake was 5 or 6 when he asked ‘what was a period’ only to find out he had been watching Degrassi Junior High, and wanted to know what a school period was - I wondered why I got the strange head tilt as I launched into sloughing of the uterine wall etc etc.

Please join us in our Buffy retrospective if possible, always good to find a fellow Buffy-ite. Granted there are lots of more coherent readings out there in LJ (seems to be what all the cool young things are doing at the moment) but I prefer to keep my semi-coherent comments to a small ‘select’ group, that way the laughs can’t be heard all over the world.

I have also friended you if that's OK?
Thanks for the perspective of your experience, I'm breathing less heavily already! We've already had many variants on 'the sex talk', including (my personal favorite) cooking oatmeal one morning this spring as we were camping and the Boy saying, completely out of the blue, 'what does oral sex feel like?'. Unfortunately, there was no 'period' type mistake there. Without oversharing (after all, I have no idea what it feels like for a boy), we had an interesting discussion over the campfire about safe sex and not rushing things and bisexuality and lots of other stuff, after which I shuddered for 3 weeks straight. It is funny though, the sex talk doesn't freak me out as much as the drug talk!

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I can't even imagine having a discussion with Jake about oral sex - I'm freaking out just thinking about it. Have had various discussions with him, most recently safe sex when we gave him a packet of condoms (with the rider that it wasn't a "licence to thrill!!") after he said one of his friends was worried that his girlfriend might be pregnant because they had unprotected sex.

Was there anything in particular you wanted to know about high school - don't want to put anyone off with some of my less than positive experiences.

Can you tell that I have no life - surfing the net, bothering strangers with my thoughts, reading fanfiction - oh well a week and a half till uni resumes, then I'm back to being a student again.