That's so weird. He looks so normal. I wonder if he has had more grey put in his hair...

Not totally sure how to read your caption....
I think the grey's natural, from what I have seen of recent convention photos anyway.

The caption, only works for me probably. I've just been telling myself in the last couple of days that's it's Spike, not JM, that makes me all fangirlish, but he sort of looks nice, and grownup, and maybe a little hot in the screen caps from "Cool Money", so now I'm not so sure.
Oh no, I completely understand your caption now -- sorry, it's just me being a little slow. Someone is sending me a tape of Cool Money from the States -- I could send it on to you afterwards if you like.

I feel so weird looking at that pic (where are the screencaps, by the way) -- feel very conflicted.

I like your ``I miss Spike'' icon. But then again, which Spike do I miss?

For some strange reason, I would feel a lot happier about JM if he would just get himself a nice girlfriend reasonably near his age. The thought of him out there being all stupid just kind of grates on my nerves. Then we could all sit round and criticise her! No, of course not. HE NEEDS TO SETTLE DOWN AND BE A GROWN-UP! Why this bothers me, I don't know.
which Spike do I miss
Excellent question, maybe a mix of S4/5 snarky Spike with a dash of soulful S7 Spike?

Screen caps were on Cold Dead Seed forum, can't remember how I got there (you have to cut through an awful lot of fangirl squees to get to them all), and I think you can find them at BAPS too (Bloody Awful Poet Society).

Trying to download Cool Money at the moment -if that doesn't work, yes please to the tape.
I've never really followed JM's career ::cough-Eeyore:: :^), but I must say I'm struck anew by how gorgeous the man is. It almost makes me forget that embarassing Rove Live interview last year. Thanks for the photo!

::goes off to older human Spike happy place::
My dear C -- writing and anything would be good. I cannot put words together to save myself right now. :: panicks :: You'd think I would be able to put together a good rant against our PM who's trying to bully more women into the workplace (because, you know, staying home looking after your kids is so nothing), but I've become brain dead. Or constipated. Or something.

You guys should go over and read mustangsally78's review of Cool Money. Then following from that, you should read chase820's treatise on JM's various hairdos.
I had a quiet chuckle at both reviews, although I don't mind the grey hair, I do wish it was just a bit longer. JM must have suffered some major trauma at school, to hate his curly hair so much.
Well they're clearly pictures from Chase's love-stash -- they all looked pretty good to me, especially the last one from Andromeda, with his half-grownout blond.
Is this where I admit to having seen the "Andromeda" episode (and probably still have it on a disc somewhere), and quite possibly drooling as I fast forwarded to the JM bits. Oh dear, my name is Debbi and I'm a JM-aholic.
What is Andromeda about and what sort of role was he playing? He looked extremely tasty in that photo.

Isn't it funny how all us Spike freaks have found each other!
"Andromeda" is a sci-fi space show that starred Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). JM played an android (I think) in a couple of episodes in the early seasons. Didn't watch the show, just watched this episode for the pretty.

Spike Freaks Unite! The internet truly is a wonderful thing.
Ahh ... my community service bit is complete for the day.

In my defense, may I say that I gleaned the Eeyore answer from his biography somewhere, but that then would imply that I was actively seeking info about the guy, so just forget I said anything.

I think as long as we only see him in roles as someone else, or in photos, images such as the hyped up Rove performance can be forgotten.

And yes he is kinda gorgeous ::goes off to own dreamspace::
Psst - is there a link to the download? I am still looking for it. Thanks! :-)
Your new icon made me laugh after commenting on the one last night. JM had some very very pretty moments such as this one in the movie last night. I felt the tug.
I thought I was still AllAboutSpike, but some of the screen caps from the movie had me rethinking that, the tug was definitely there! Trying to download the movie at the moment (with not much success), so I can make a full ::cough:ahem:cough:: academic study of JM, just to make completely sure ;).