This is not working ... and neither am I

I've just realised that because I took last year off, this is actually the first subject I have done since we've had broadband.  Previously I used to set a schedule, work for however long, and then reward myself with some dial-up internet time.  Now we're connected all the time, and I have NO will power whatsoever.  So I'm packing up my primary sources, secondary sources, and assorted academic paraphernalia, and heading off outside (nope just checked, it's raining, make that the kitchen) to do this the old fashioned way, with notepad and long hand, and calming, thought inducing music, and far away from the sinister attraction of the internet.
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I've always believed that a healthy dose of subversion each day is a good thing - even the most studious students need a break!
Not so much, but I do still have till 5pm today (that's 9 hours away) to hand it in - oodles of time.
Hmmm! (Crack of the virtual bullwhip!) In that case best get off that PC, lady, and back to work... Pronto!
Ow, I felt that! ::slinks off to do more work:: The good news is I have 444 words down, only 556 to go!
OK! Well... if you get everything done and dusted and submitted on time, then I promise I'll write all day tomorrow until hubby gets home instead of getting up and reading more Giles/Ethan fic. That better? More like a carrot?
It's done, and on time, and submitted as well, so now I'm cracking the whip. Just one question, would the carrot be chocolate covered then?
Oh bugger! Guess I've got to be the one with the willpower now (or maybe I sort of dropped myself into this situation because I know I don't have any).

I suppose I'd best go read through the last few chapters of AAD instead of picking up where I fell asleep last night... Damn, guess I don't get to find out how Christmas went in that fic I was reading just yet. (Notice I don't mention any names just in case you feel compelled to go check it out when you should be working.)

As for the other, if you want your carrot with chocolate on (and I've been reading way too much slash)... feel free. I'll stick to my normal writing props of menthol ciggies (not when I'm actually typing you understand - that's a bit too Raymond Chandler) and decaff coffee.