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The lure of the evil internet




Oh bugger it, I need a break from "comparing and contrasting the representations of Australia and Australianess in Seven Little Australians and the Australian Constitution 1901 in relation to the key theme of gender" ... I mean who wouldn't need a break from that?



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Cracks whip!! Oh slave to academe!

Hey, nice Spuffy pics.
Oohh, you harsh taskmaster, you. I've actually written the intro, plus another paragraph, so I should be fine now. Getting those first few words on the paper are always the hardest (as you well know), plus having broadband/ASDL means we are ALWAYS online, so LJ/internet distraction is so accessible, and so ... distracting. I suppose I could always turn off the modem.

Glad you like the pics - am intending to fix a couple of the fuzzy ones, but it will have to wait till after the essay is done. Hope you're feeling better, and that the "fizzy" is helping.
Good luck with that essay. I know I couldn't do it!

The ``fizzy'' did a good job -- just took a day or so to get the stirred up toxins out of the system. Feeling reasonably perky today though pretty tired -- had a bulge of insomnia in the night and ended up watching a History channel documentary on the Battle of the Bulge. Me and World War 2 -- we're great mates.
About to break for the day, and cease being a student, and become housewife again.

History and me, not so mixy. Although I am doing "History of Water in Australia" as a subject next semester - should be interesting.

Fizzy = Good.
It's really freaking hard, isn't it? Not only are there many new-to-me-or worth-revisiting fics turning up in this Appreciation Week frenzy, but the current works in progress of Dutch Buffy, Anaraoss, Herself, etc. are constantly being updated. Damn them.
Some people have no consideration, double damn them - must admit I've been enjoying re-visiting some old fics, and discovering some new ones! I'm really enjoying st_salieri's Convergence at the moment, as well as all those other WIPs.
Yes, St. Salieri too! And via harmonyfb, I found a really sexy fic called Randy and Joan 4Ever, and and and....

Must. Go. Back. To. Work.

.... and Lost tonight! And it is a Charlie-centric episode, have I mentioned?

::goes off to take her ADD medication::
Sure, add away, I shall reciprocate, if that's OK. I tend to rant about Australian politics, and my 17 (nearly 18) yr old son, and my fandoms, and uni, and I think I'm pretty boring, but I have issues. Looking forward to a new name on my flist!