Stupid LJ - but I've learnt something new!!

For whatever reason, LJ lost my customised journal format.  This gave me an excuse to play around with Photoshop, and I now have a new look, with lots of new Spuffy pictures, that I made all by myself ::pats self on back:: - not the smoothest Photoshop application, but I'll keep practising!  Don't suppose that would do as an essay submission - oh well back to research.
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I like your pictures more than quite a bit

Somehow I'm not surprised by that ;). I can always find an excuse to look at purdy pictures.

If I wasn't so lazy, or worried about offending anyone by making a list and then forgetting someone, you do know, my dear, that you would be on top of my fanfic appreciation list!
Very pretty!!! I just got photoshop yesterday...and am fiddling with it trying to learn how to use it.
Hi there ::waves hello::, noticed you on my friends list a couple of days ago, and meant to say hi - life got in the way. Always nice to have new friends, although I've never too sure why anyone would bother with me, I think I'm mostly boring (am mindly interested to know how you found me?). Briefly checked out your LJ, I'm pretty sure that I've read some of your stuff, and certainly enjoyed it ... if I didn't have an essay due this week for uni I would be more lengthy in my reply. Is it OK to friend you back, will certainly talk more when I have some free time. Also, if you need some help with Photoshop, don't hesitate to ask, but like most computer programmes, I have found the best thing to do is just start playing around with it, and see what happens - that's what I did with the layout today - it still needs some work, but I was mostly pleased with it - will have to search for some clearer images to replace a couple of the fuzzy ones.
Thanks...of course it is alright to friend me back lol. In all honesty I do not remember how I came across you... probably a friend of a friendand as there are not THAT many Aussie spuffy fans and I am always happy to meet more I would have friended you for this reason.... hope you don't mind.
Had a bit of a play around with Photoshop today(above icon was the result)... have the basics down pat... will muck around with it some more when I am not supposed to be updating my fics **hides from beta**

Good luck with your essay. And I look forward to getting to know you better.
Oh... are you going to James' concert and/or the Melbourne Con?
Oh... are you going to James' concert and/or the Melbourne Con?

As I've said to others who have asked that question, I'm a Spike fan, I'm not so sure about James. I know he is a great con guest, and that he delivers for his fans, however I have huge reservations about seeing him in person because of how that would alter my perception of Spike. I think I am happy to keep Spike and James in very different compartments in my brain, plus I am already going to Melbourne in May to meet up with 2 LJ friends (one who I have met a couple of times, and the other whom I have never met, and will be flying in from New Zealand), so my finances proabably wouldn't stretch to a second Melbourne visit. What about yourself - are you going, I think the best thing about these conventions would be meeting up with LJ friends.
Ah... another 'Spike' fan. I get in sooo much trouble from people when I say that I think James is cute...and sweet...but he doesn't really do much for me... SPIKE however is HOT and gorgeous and sexy!!!

Yes I am going... and meeting up with a couple of other authors from the Verse... which I am so looking forward to!!

I think James has a lovely voice so I am looking forward to the concert as well. And as my boys don't look like they are going to tour Australia in the forseeable future I am going to go do this instead.