Momentary panic, academic lethargy, high school reunions

Had a brief moment of internal fear when I realised that all my saved e-mails were gone, including the e-ticket for my trip to Melbourne in May to meet up with caraway_  and kassto .  Of course all was fixed after a brief conversation with Virgin Blue, and a new e-mail sent (and I now have a PRINTED copy of the ticket in my diary), but it got me thinking about the e-mails I had saved, and wondering what was in that folder.  I guess I'll find out the next time I have a little epiphany and remember another piece of saved information that has now gone to the great computer disc in the sky.

Not feeling the academic love at the moment, which is a bit disturbing as I have an essay due next Friday.  Other things have been consuming my time - that balance between work, study, home, is always so delicate - mine's a little out of whack at the moment.

Speaking of out of whack - received an invitation to my 30 year reunion for Year 10.  After the inital depression wore off (30 years - WAH!), I'm still not sure whether to go or not.  My whole body image insecurities came roaring to the forefront - not sure how I would deal with being that exposed to these people.  Will have to ponder further.

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High school reunion: huh. PG and I were having just that discussion tonight. A few months ago, he was all 'I'm gonna show up at that 25th reunion and show how the geek has triumphed. I rawk!' etc. Now that the date grows closer, he seems less enthusiastic. Fortunately, my high school fell apart quite messily not long after I left (I don't mean it literally, it didn't get sucked into a hellmouth, just met the fate of so many anglophone schools in Quebec and closed amidst moanings and lamentations). There are probably 10 people from my grade still in Montreal = no one to organize events = okay by me. I'm not sure I have anything to prove to those people, and there are a very limited number I remember with any fondness whatsoever (yes, I was the lonely and bitter geeky gothgirl, why do you ask?). So no for me, and quite probably no for the Guy as well.
A lot of the people I went to school with still live there (farm boys and what not), and I'm related to a lot of them (small town and what not), but I don't think I've actually spoken to any of them for years. I don't actively seek them out when I'm visiting Mum, and really don't know whether I want to do it under 're-union' conditions. It is only a lunch however, and it is on the June long weekend which also means "The Henry Lawson Festival of Arts", so there will be other things to do. If I don't go, I will have to deal with mother dear whining, so currently feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.
Well, it should lead to some interesting stories, and the Arts Festival sounds good. If reunion is rock, and Motherdear is hard place, maybe you can spend most of the time at the festival (cushion? paper? scissors? I'm losing the metaphor).

Still fascinated by your new icon. It looks like Spike is kissing Joni Mitchell, which would make for a very interesting song fic indeed:

Help me, I think I'm falling/for a vamp again...
Funny thing about the icon - kassto asked me who the dame with Spike was in it, I can only see Buffy, but I guess I know who's in it. Better look for a new one.

Rock, hard place, but there will be guinea pig races. Now that's culture.
You're going to Melbourne in May? I was going to ask, are you planning on going to the Melbourne con in July?
No I'm not going to the convention - my Spike love does not necessarily extend to JM, he makes me squirm a little when I see him in interviews etc, because James isn't Spike, if you know what I mean. I know he's a great con guest etc but I think I will continue to compartmentalise Spike in a very different box to James. Plus NO money! Anthony Stewart Head and David Fury are also appearing, so that should be interesting. What about you - you went last year, didn't you, are you going again?
I know he's a great con guest etc but I think I will continue to compartmentalise Spike in a very different box to James.

That's exactly the same conclusion I came to after seeing him last year. He's great, but he's James and not Spike. Really different. :)

I haven't decided yet! I think I probably wouldn't end up going, because I'm actually a little scared of seeing JM again, not that he isn't good as himself, and he was really nice and sincere and everything last year, but it takes some getting used to seeing him as not!Spike. (which I suppose proves how good an actor he is, to play Spike so convincingly) But then, ASH and David Fury!

If Virgin or JetStar have cheap airfares around that time, I might just cave in and go! Hee.
My LJ meet-up was possibly going to be that weekend - then the con was announced and I watched the cheap tickets get gobbled up, hopefully there will be still be some left for you if you decide to go - the pulling power of Spike is mighty! I would like the chance to hear David Fury, and ask him some questions about "Lost" ;-), and ASH would be great - it's funny hearing him speak like Spike.
Hah! I spurned my school reunion. Actually, I couldn't afford to go. But I spurned it too! Best school reunion movie -- Grosse Point Blank.

Well, at least you booked your plane tickets -- unlike my online fiasco in December.... : {
If I don't go, my mother will be whiny and make me feel guilt ridden - "oh you can't even bother to come and visit me, let alone meet up with all your friends from school" - 'friends' who I haven't actively sort out for years, even though a lot of them still live there. Oh well as I said to caraway_, at least it's also the June long weekend which means "The Henry Lawson Festival of Arts" (Henry was born in my hometown - it's only tenuous claim to fame), so there will be other stuff to do.

Yep, tickets booked - not sure about spending money though, will have to save up coupons or something ;-).