My ears hurt ... curse you "Lost" (no spoilers, just complaints)

In the words of Keanu - WHOA!  BM and I watched the latest episode of Lost ("Numbers") on Friday night, and then again last night (Sat) - we had to because on Friday night we couldn't actually listen to the Aussie woman from Kalgoorlie because the accent was so excruciately bad (sort of like a kangaroo crossed with a kiwi) it made us cringe and stick our fingers in our ears.  It was bad ... really, really bad ... Meryl Streep "The dingo's got my baby" bad, awful, dreadful, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.  Ummm ... American casting people - NO-ONE talks like that in Australia, so please, please refrain from incredibly facile stereotypical Aussie speak in future, because as much as I like the show, I will be truly offended and take my little snit elsewhere, and never watch it again.  On the other hand, I have mostly forgiven Emilie de Ravin for her faux-Aussie accent.  She's probably spent the last 5 years or so getting rid of it to get work in the States, and now she has to be an Aussie again, the accent tends to be a little wonky.

The computer is home, and mostly well - BM and I have spent the last 2 days fixing little kinks in various programmes.  I had to download a new programme to burn files (avi/mpeg) to CDs and DVDs because the ones we previously had will not install, and watching Lost and other downloaded shows on our tiny computer screen is a pain - so far, so good.  The computer wouldn't initially 'recognise' the printer and scanner, but that problem seems to have been fixed as well.  I'm still searching for fonts - a lot of them seem to be missing from Word.  The Favourites folder has been located, and I just need to reinstall them on the new hard drive.  Probably will continue to discover other little things as we attempt to use various functions, but at least the main things work, more or less.

Have to read Seven Little Australians for uni this week, and then there's an essay due the following Friday, so it looks like this little black duck had better pull her finger out, and get some work done.  At least I can now do my computer work at home, rather than dashing off to the uni library all the time.  Ah well it's beer time - off to join BM for a cool ale in the backyard - while we can still enjoy daylight saving.

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Who's that in your icon? Is that Spike and Someone Else?
No, it's Spike and Buffy - the icon was made by awmp, pretty sure she only does Spuffy ones (I mean she does other icons, but in the Buffyverse, she concentrates on Spuffy). I think the scene may be from the dream sequence in "Out of My Mind".
Oh, didn't really look like Buffy to me. Looks like JM has his mouth open and SMG has hers firmly shut. She probably slapped him afterwards and told him to keep his tongue to himself! He looks very sexy!

How are you? Tell us your troubles!
She probably slapped him afterwards and told him to keep his tongue to himself! Buffy or SMG? ;-)

Nothing much happening here. Still trying to fix little things with the computer. Have to read a book for uni (for this Thurs), which I don't even have a copy of yet. Have a wedding to go to this Sat. Still waiting for official notification that J has lost his licence for 3 months - never known him to be so keen to check the mailbox.

Autumn seems to finally be making its mark - had to put extra blankets on the bed last night, and this morning it is still cool enough for a jacket. Not sorry to say goodbye to summer. Yesterday was one of those lovely autumnal days - clear, blue sky, just a hint of a chill in the air, it all seemed clean and fresh and new.

How's life treating you - looks like you're getting into the swing of writing again.
Getting in the swing of writing -- well, I've managed to churn out three columns in a row, and had the middle one rejected. Feeling a lack of feedback -- you get so used to it on LJ and in the real world of writing, not so much. I haven't even seen a copy of this paper I'm writing for yet, so not clear on the tone of the publication.

I'm like you -- I love the autumn too. Still fine days but a nice chill in the morning and evening to cool you down and let you sleep better.

I'm thinking of getting in a computer person to advise me on updating -- I still want to be Mac woman, but advice on what I should update to and what would be the best deal etc etc. Hopefully I can get something secondhand. Paid for by himself, of course. As most things are!
I've never thought about the feedback aspect - I guess it is very important to have a connection with your readers.

Never used a Mac - guess you're either a Ford or Holden (or the NZ equivalent) person with computers. Wish I could get someone else to pay the bills - currently doing my netbanking, and the balance is not looking healthy at all.

Just read herself's latest update - not sure whether the end result will be worth enduring the current level of angst. I like fluffy Spuffy sometimes - a little angst, a little snark, a little humour - not gut wrenching sorrow all the time.
My definition of a bad accent is Bart Simpson versus Australia, I was here when it first showed and I agreed with all the burning effigies etc.

Have you seen Charlize Theron's new L'Oreal ad? She tries to do 'American with just a tinge of South African'. It is to die. She sounds so bi-culturally fake!

You are being very noble in not spoiling me for Lost but today: WE GET BROADBAND. And I think I'll need to catch up, if only to enjoy wisteria's screencaps.

As for brittanyxo's fic, it is a tough sled. But I just love her stuff, so I'm there for the ride.
The accent was even worse than Bart's, and that's saying something. Don't thnk I've seen Charlize - will keep an 'ear' out for it.

Broadband - a Woo and a Hoo - let me know if you need directions to download sites or programs needed to do the downloading. I d/l bit torrents using Azareus - currently takes about 3-4 hours for an episode. Can also send you my video cds of "Lost" if you want to catch up. Haven't forgotten Veronica Mars (quality is not the best on some of them), just sort of been busy.

7 Little Australians - 19th century novel about life in Australia, centres around father (sort of a Von Trapp type dad), new step-mother and 7 children (also sort of a bit like Little Women) - quite strong female characters for the time. Was made into a series on the ABC a fair while ago (1970s maybe).

Herself - I'm reading it, but also revisiting some fluff to take the acrid taste from my mouth.