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Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back ...

Big wave hello to everyone.  Slowly working my way through flists, and fic updates, as well as recovering settings etc.  Thought I had lost 'Favourites', but unearthed them in the depths of the computer files.  Have, however, lost all previous e-mail and e-mail addresses so if anyone wants to send me a quick e-mail I can set up a new address book - ta muchly.

Some programmes need to be re-installed - such as Azureus (for downloading bit torrent files), so my "Lost" and "Gilmore Girls" viewing will be slightly delayed.  J patted me on the head and said he would set it up for me - "It's a bit complicated Mum, I'd better do it" - condescending little so and so.  Oooh, I've just re-discovered the Microsoft Toolbar - looks like it going to be a long day. 

Hope to catch up with y'all as the day progresses.

ETA I'm not getting e-mail notification of LJ comments/postings - does anyone know why this may be happening, I'm wondering if it's because of the Norton Internet Security thingie that we now have installed, and if it's blocking LJ stuff because it's classified it as spam. Thoughts Bueller, Bueller, anyone ... Yep thought so, turned off spam filter and suddenly LJ notifications are coming through again. Stupid Norton - how dare you imply LJ is SPAM, it's more like chocolate, totally edible and a necessary part of the day.

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I'm at kasstonz at yahoo dot co dot nz if you didn't have that.
Thanks for that - I tried sending you an e-mail the other day, but I forgot the nz after kassto!, so you're now back in the address book.
It's good to be back!! Especially pleased that I can resume downloading - the latest episode of "Lost" ia about 20% done.

How was Cairns, hope you had a nice break.
How was Cairns, hope you had a nice break.

I was going to do a post about it, but there's not much to say. :) Cairns was really beautiful, especially the reefs and the rainforest. But the place we stayed at was crappy! If you go to Cairns, don't stay at the City Terraces.

I haven't watched the last 2 Lost episodes! Heard this last one is good. :)
Waving back from Whitzman at unimelb.edu.au

Last night's Lost was pretty good. Poor Jack puppy.
E-mail added.

Even though we've seen last night's episode before, both BM and I 'saw' things in it that we didn't catch the first time round - it's one of those shows. Jack's dad was pretty godawful wasn't he, poor guy, and I'm still not sure about Locke, amazing how he pops up just where he's needed.
Locke is just creepy, if he isn't an ax-murderer as well as a recovering parapalegic and phone-sex junkie I'll be surprised.

Also a chance to see sweet Charlie being nice. I've decided he is my new crush. Must be the English accent and the fuckupedness, like another fictional character I could mention.
I have absolutely no idea about Locke, and I'm 10 episodes in front - testament to the writers I suspect.

Must be the English accent and the fuckupedness
Makes them that much more appealing, I've almost forgot that little Charlie was a hobbit once upon a time.