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Slowly coming out of a fog of tonsillitis, antibiotics and codeine.  Just realised that it is only two and half weeks before I'm back to being a student, so checked the subject outline to see this; 'in 2004, this subject will be delivered as an online seminar in American Media and Cultural Studies', so that should prove interesting (well I hope so, and I don't even have to leave home).

I guess the JM/Spike fans are getting excited. Cue sarcasm -HE. WILL. BE. HERE. IN. OZ. THIS. WEEKEND.  Umm yeah ... it will be interesting at least to see how much media interest he engenders.  Will be a guest on one chat show next week, that I know of - he's listed as "JAMES MARSTERS
The blonde-haired, pointy-toothed Spike from Angel and Buffy sweeps into town to talk to Rove about Hollywood, stardom, and stalking the streets as a soulless, blood-drinking member of the living dead. Should be fun!" - although not so blonde-haired anymore. 

Still learning to control motherly panic attacks every time Jake drives off in the car by himself, although at the moment I'm finding it hard to maintain the energy to even have a panic attack.  Gotta love winter colds and flu.  Back to S1 Buffy.

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