I'm back ,,,,,

It's good to be home. More later, the computer access battle has begun!
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DEB! Welcome back -- I've missed ya! Herself is writing a gut-wrenching new Spuffy fic that you need to catch up on (about six chapters done) and there is an hysterical story at poshcat's LJ called Small Victories. Completely hysterical. I think this Spuffy Kinkathon is going to be a good one. Oh, and I finally started reading some Sangga fic and I like! Her Scooby dialogue is just fabulous.
It's good to be missed!! Just busy catching up on stuff - Herself's new story is a bit a gut wrencher, but I'll take anything at the moment - a week of fic abstinence is not a good thing. Must check out Poshcat's story - back to the updating.
Welcome Back
Kick that teenager off that machine! Doesn't he know that you need it? Good to have you back and with luck there should be an AAD update for you in the not too distant future.
Re: Welcome Back
I have free use of machine now - of course it is before 9am, so I really don't have to worry about the teenager for quite some time. Ooohh, more AAD soon, things really are looking up :-).
Next chapter has just been sent off to geyer. It should be up on site some time tomorrow (UK time) if hubby doesn't get me drunk when we go out for our anniversary lunch.
Congratulations on your anniversary - I think you're allowed to get a little drunk - was it 14 years (I've probably got that wrong), if so, according to my anniversary list you should get some gold jewellery - here's hoping.
Nah! I'm buying the lunch and he's coughed up for 14 red roses, which out of season probably cost him an arm and a leg anyway, especially as thanks to his recent move of office he's having to get them delivered instead of doing his usual trick of picking them up on his way home the night before. I told him not to bother with anything else, especially as the only white gold (I married a goth! 14 years on he's mellowed slightly but the clothing is still black and he still wouldn't be seen wearing yellow gold) mens' jewellery I could find in the price range was a David Beckham looking diamond stud.
Roses are always good - I had to have a baby to get any flowers from my husband, but that's just him, not an overtly romantic bone in his body, although he did also buy me a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings, so he can do romance, but it's still an effort. Not to diss on Beckham, but boy he can be tacky sometimes. Hope you have a great lunch.
Lunch was good! A year or so ago hubby and I were going to visit our favourite local Mexican restaurant when we discovered it had been turned into a bar/café. Last week a friend we hadn't seen for a while mentioned that even though it had changed hands they still did Mexican food. So, we tried it out yesterday. The food's just as good, if anything the prices seemed to be a little lower than we remembered (two 3 course meals plus drinks and tip for £20 but we did go for the specials) and the only down point was that they'd crammed the tables so close that you didn't really feel like you had much in the way of privacy, but that was more than forgiveable to have our first proper Mexican meal in years that hubby didn't have to cook.

Hubby didn't stick to my just the flowers instructions either. I got a box of Thornton's Italian Style Continental chocolates and while we were in town, the only thing he let me pay for other than lunch was some ciggies, even though I came home with 3 DVDs, a Photoshop Book and a few other bits and pieces.
Good hubbie! Glad you had a nice lunch, and extra goodies - YAY! As a lover of Mexican food, sounds like a good choice to me, and doing a quick pound/dollar conversion, not too bad a price either.

Sorry I didn't give feedback on the last chapter of AAD - have spent past 2 days ironing out kinks in computer (printer, scanner, DVD & CD burners weren't working, couldn't load/re-install, it was getting very frustrating and time-consuming). Hopefully I can get back to a normal routine soon, although I do have an essay due Fri week - bloody uni, interferes with my fanfic reading.
I agree, good hubby!

Don't worry about the lack of feedback. I've spent almost all day swearing at my PC and laptop and myself (for managing to delete an email I need). I know how these things can take whole chunks of time and in your case you have a bit more of a deadline to do the other stuff that needs done than I have.
The update should be on site now. I just need to do the newsletter thing and the LJ thing and then I can relax for a bit!