March looks like a shitty month

A big wave hello to everyone for your words of support in my time of need.

See today is why I need LJ - venting is a very important health issue.  I miss venting, and I really hate having to vent in a public space like the uni library.

So J heads off for school this morning - phonecall 15 minutes later, he's been booked for speeding.  Not a big thing, well if you're fully licenced it's OK, but J is only on his Red Ps (1st year provisional licence, followed by 2 years Green Ps, and then onto full licence).  Red Ps have only three points (full licence 12 points).  Guess how many points you lose for speeding 30km over the limit - YES that's right, 3 points.  So J will lose his licence for 3 months, have to pay the whopping fine of $579 (read it and weep), and I'm back to being the full-time taxi service.  SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!!!!!!

Still there is an upside to this  - J only learns from the hard lessons - we've told him over and over about the consequences of speeding when you have an extremely limited number of points.  He will be the one to suffer, no car, no money, so I don't have to do any lecturing.  He's already beaten himself up about his stupidity. 

BM and I will vent in other ways - by making a complaint to the local police command - the stupid officer insisted on searching our car as well, because well, J's a teenager and on P-plates, isn't that suspicion enough.  No permission given, legal owners of car not asked - hence illegal search, so complaints will be made.  Won't make any difference in the long run, but the officer may think twice in the future about hassling teenagers without due cause.

Only March 2 - looks like it's going to be a long month, with many trips to school and uni for me,   AND still no computer .... WAH!


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I'm glad you are following up with the police, grrrr.

I'm sure J is sorry, but really it is you are paying for his mistake. Life is indeed sucking like a great hoover for you. Hope the string of bad luck ends soon.
Hope the string of bad luck ends soon.

It's like I have a curse that only kicks in when a new semester begins - a couple of years ago it was Mum and septiceamia (and I'm sure that I've spelt that wrong), later that year, the discovery of J friend's body and the murder charges and the effect on J etc, last year it was J and glandular fever. This BA is going to be hard won, that's all I can say.

Thanks for hanging in there with me amd my eternal whinging and moaning. Back to the constitution.
$579! Wow. That's one hefty fine. But at least the good thing that came out of it is that he will be more careful in the future. I only just got off my Ps last year (I got my licence very late), this 3 years P-plates program is really a pain.

I hope you get computer access back soon! :(
Hi Deb, I found your journal through a random search and had to comment since its a topic right up my alley. I can sympathise with J as I have only 6 of my 12 demerit points left - lost them all in the space of only a few months :( Im sure J wont need any lecturing - it hurts on its own!! Cept I should know better cause Im 41!!
Hope your month gets better!
Hi back Lisa - finally getting up to date on replying now the computer is back home and mostly well.

I really have to ask - what was the random search that brought up my journal - you've got me all curious.
The search feature on LiveJournal has a random find. It brings up anyones journal - only public entries ofcourse.