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My name's Debbi ...

and I'm an LJ-aholic.  I miss you all!!

My computer is still being fixed, and I'm bored out of my tiny little mind - I've even had to resort to ironing to while away the hours - egad.  Am currently at uni library trying to quickly digest the 365 pages or so of the Australian Constitution (ONE of the readings for this week) which of course is only available online, a fascinating read it is too.

Will try to catch up with everyone once my hard drive is back where it belongs - our study feels as if it's heart AND soul have been ripped out of it.  I keep trying to look for the positive side, but as stated above I've decided that I am an internet junkie, who desperately needs a fix, and am feeling very disconnected (if you will pardon the pun) from the world and my flist especially.  Hope to be back permanently very soon.

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